Wedding at Isola d’ Elba, Tuscany

Wedding at Isola d’ Elba, Tuscany 1600km, 18 hours of car, music, podcast and a unicorn. Part 2 In the previous post I was heading to Abruzzo, the Trabocchi coast, for the marriage of Valeria and Daniele. After this extraordinary day and a good night’s sleep I put myself in the car to cross Italy horizontally. From Torino Sangro di Marina to the Island of Elba. The trip is long. A good part of the journey I traveled on local roads, some routes are not covered by highways . It was about 8 o’clock in the evening, I was traveling along the state road S71 towards Follonica and I saw on the right an old and decadent golf club with the words “Open only for … Continue reading Wedding at Isola d’ Elba, Tuscany