The Lady of The Lake

I met Celebrant and Writer Diane Rossi for the first time when asked to photograph a fabulous wedding ceremony in Varenna in 2007.

Diane and her husband Giuseppe have been Celebrants and Officiants since 2005 and take their vocation very seriously. Every ceremony comes straight from the heart. Visit them to learn more at: ( They work all over Italy and the rest of Europe.

Diane is published in several wedding Blogs and I invited her to write as a guest Blogger for my site. I am delighted to share her eloquent article celebrating beauty of mind, body and spirit.. and of course the stunning area of Lake Como!

They may not be legendary rulers of Avalon but Brides who hire the professional Italian Wedding Photographer Matteo Cuzzola are most definitely immortalised in the most regal sense. Matteo has photographed many beautiful Brides who were understandably enchanted by the romantic shores of Lake Como in Northern Italy.

Couples seeking the sophisticated and mysterious are easily intrigued by the many stunning locations scattered around the deep mystical waters of this ancient Lago. Matteo is well versed in their charm and potential photogenic potency and has accompanied and helped many wishing to marry in paradise.

One of the most exquisite locations enjoying global fame is Villa D’este. Perched by the lakeside of the beautifully compact city of Cernobbio, this impressive historic location is an A list favourite. Stars such as the acclaimed actress Emily Blunt and prolific musician and singer John Legend have married here. Nuptial celebrations in such elegant locations are Matteo’s forte.

As an Italian photographer who speaks and understands English extremely well, Matteo is a natural choice. His calm and reassuring manner enables those in front of his learned lens to completely relax and be totally spontaneous.

This is the secret of successful photography and being photographed by Matteo is akin to being in the company of an old friend. He is extremely genuine, friendly and pays close attention to how you might be feeling at any given moment. He is receptive and responsive and as an empath will listen to your wishes and respect them.

There are bound to be delicate moments during your wedding day when your emotions catch you by surprise but Matteo is adept at filtering your experience to communicate the most beautiful sentiments expressed in breathtaking surroundings.

Villa del Balbianello in Lenno is famous for the cinematic kiss shared by Padme and Anakin in the Star Wars film ‘Episode II Attack Of The Clones’. What more appropriate location for an initial ‘bacio’ as newly weds than a stunning historic balcony with a filmic lakeside view?

Beauty is skin deep. Expensive jewellery, glamorous wedding dresses, designer shoes and expert hair and make up combined are bound to ensure a stunning photographic result but the essential ingredient of real beauty is to be found in the soul.

Matteo takes his responsibilities seriously and is deeply concerned to capture the very essence of who you are. A sensitive visual artist is more in tune with the enigmatic aspects of human disposition and Matteo is receptive and discerning.

The Bride in this article entrusted Matteo with an essential part of their inner selves and the results are phenomenal. On the day of your wedding he will record the abundance of your happiness, notice the tears before they fall, capture your smiles before they fade and realise the light of your precious memory.

If your dream is to become at one with blissful natural surroundings and to feel like a true Lady Of The Lake, place your trust in a photographer who will make you feel like a Princess and look like a Queen.

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Photos by me 😉  it’s a awesome wedding in Villa d’ Este, Cernobbio, Lake Como

Author: Writer and Celebrant ®Diane Rossi. (All rights reserved)
Diane first met Matteo in 2007 and has been an ardent fan of his character and creativity ever since.

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