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wedding photographer in Italy website

My new wedding photographer website !

My wedding photographer website This story begins a year ago, or perhaps much earlier. One night looking at my website I realized that it needed a freshen up … dark tones must give way to white, the images must be bigger … I had a thousand ideas in my head. I kept all my courage and started to jot down some notes … the notes were transformed into sketches, sketches in ideas that crowded in my head for a whole year. Well, after almost a year of work, corrections, new ideas and new corrections … sleepless nights .. etc., etc., etc. … The new website is officially online! Take a look and let me know what you think !!! See you soon with new stories and …

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wedding photographer italy

Wedding in Milan – Italy – Clara and Alberto July 26th, 2014

The doors of the church opened, the light filtered in the nave I was walking backwards and photographing the bride and groom going out . Outside were all armed to the teeth with rice and petals. Out of the church , I was struck by the sun, I avoided by inches’ ​​s huge drawing created with the rice by their friends. The rain of rice and colors started, we were literally overwhelmed … I turned around and shoot this memorable moment. It does not end here. Not, because the bride and groom were brought forward another few meters, I didn’t understand at the moment, I followed them and I saw about 25 people perfectly placed in front of them. The music started loud! But where did it …

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wedding photographer villa deciani

Wedding in Villa Gallici Deciani – Udine – Italy – Barbara and Ramzi – July 12th 2014

Wedding in Villa Gallici Deciani Barbara and Ramzi are a couple that comes directly from London to get married in Italy. Actually Barbara is Italian and Ramzi has Middle East origins. Their meeting has already made a wonderful fruit, the little Sofia who, though a few months, accompanied them on the day of their wedding at Villa Gallici Deciani in Udine. Entering by the wonderful loft that Maddalena, the head of the villa, reserves the bride,  I realize that Barbara was a bit in tension. In fact, she was almost ready, and took care to her mom and friends. She ensured that the hair of the mother were perfect, the veil of her bridesmaid fixed while calling at the phone to ask about Sofia. In short, it …

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Wedding in Lake Como Varenna – Villa Cipressi – Chris and Mel – August 8th, 2014

Wedding in Lake Como Varenna We both cannot recommend Matteo highly enough. From the first time we spoke to him right the way through to him sending us the photographs he has been superb. The communication was excellent throughout with Matteo always responding within a day of e-mail (usually within a few hours). Matteo’s website is also excellent and gives a real flavour of his style and what he can do for you on the day. We met with Matteo in Como before we decided to use him as a photographer and his kind manner, professionalism and passion for photography shone through immediately and made our decision easy. From then on we communicated via email (although phone/Skype was also available) to …

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Wedding in Vigoleno Castle – Piacenza hills

Wedding in Vigoleno Castle I was entering in Daniela’s room and I saw that the light was like in a Caravaggio’s painting … We are in the private rooms of the Castle of Vigoleno, on the hills of Piacenza, Daniela is sitting in front of the window, the sun bouncing off the pale stones of the village illuminating the interior of the room. Her smile betrays a bit jittery, mom and her friends around were giggling during the finalization of the hairstyle. We moved into the living room to wear the dress, all, in their own way, gave her a hand. Michele was waiting inside the Roman church a few meters away from her. Almost all the guests arrived and quickly filled the chairs inside. Outside, the …

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Wedding photographer Trieste

Wedding photographer Trieste   Matteo was very professional and provided great direction, but still allowed us to be ourselves. The results were exactly what we were looking for – the emotions between us and our families and the beauty of one of our favorite cities, Trieste. We could not be happier! Thank you Matteo 🙂 Alison & Travis   Some locations where I LOVE to work: Varenna, Lake Como – Capri – Venice – Villa Gallici Deciani – Lake Garda – Villa del Balbianello – Bellagio – Lido di Lenno – Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni – Lake Como – Milan Trussardi alla Scala – Villa D’ Este Cernobbio – Vernazza Cinque Terre Read my love stories in my blog

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Wedding at Villa San Carlo Borromeo – Francesca and Carlo Alberto June 28, 2014

Wedding at Villa San Carlo Borromeo The music volume decreases slowly, Carlo Alberto, without saying a word, approached the DJ console and started to sing, surprising all the guests, “A te” by Jovanotti, their love song. Francesca didn’t expect it and, listening to him, she moved. The song ended and their close friends joined Carlo Alberto … a dance song started and all of them sang together, after a while arrived also Francesca. So this is the last part of wedding day of these young couple at Villa San Carlo Borromeo in Senago. The day was very lively, it promised bad weather in the morning but the sun shone out of the church when hundreds of balloons released into the …

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wedding photographer capri

Wedding in Capri – Sara and Jon – June 20th, 2014

Wedding in Capri Do you know the Dolce & Gabbana advetisment ? Yes, I was inside that! I arrived the day before the wedding with the fast boat from Naples, the bad weather and rough seas didn’t helped me at all! Capri, it is not the first time I see it but I’m still out of breath. I arrived with the funicular in the famous piazzetta and I stopped to watch around. It is late afternoon, the perfect time for the best views. These portentous rocks seem to come directly from the epics of Omero, the faraglioni. I’m staying in a beautiful villa with a greek amphitheater and a fantastic view of Capri. I spend the evening walkin around, looking …

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wedding photographer capri italy

Wedding photographer Capri Italy – Sara and Jon June 20th 2014

Wedding photographer Capri Italy As a couple from the UK looking for a wedding photographer Capri Italy, we came across Matteo’s website and were inspired by his photography. We contacted him by email and he was very responsive, friendly and helpful – we knew straight away we wanted him to be our photographer. He stayed in touch with us leading up to the wedding, making us feel reassured and at ease. On the day Matteo was incredibly professional and a pleasure to work with, his style suited us as it was relaxed and informal, by the end of the day he was a friend and we wouldn’t have trusted anyone else with capturing our special day. He was incredibly flexible …

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wedding photographer lake garda

Wedding photographer in Lake Garda – Tenuta la Presa – Patricia and Martin June 7th, 2014

Wedding photographer in Lake Garda Patricia goes over the words of the song, looking up  and moving her lips imperceptibly, it seems she is praying. With her white dress she is sitting between the lights and the DJ setup, in a few minutes she would sing to her husband Martin. It’s 1 am, the cake and the fireworks already have entertained the guests that are coming from the garden of Tenuta La Presa. Patricia is now ready and excited. Surprise! Martin arrives and finds a chair in the middle of the room. He sits down and looks at her with shining eyes, the lights go down. Patricia sings for him and their friends sparklers light up the stars …. I started from the end …

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wedding-photographer-palazzo reale-milan

Wedding in Palazzo Reale and Trussardi alla Scala – Milan Susy and Marco June 6th, 2014

Wedding in Palazzo Reale and Trussardi alla Scala Elegance and sobriety are the words that come to mind when I think about this marriage, which took place at the Palazzo Reale in Milan and then, for the reception at the Trussardi alla Scala, an amazing restaurant in la Scala square. Susy and Marco are a couple who has two wonderful children, when I arrived at their house to capture the moments before the ceremony, I saw a busy family during the preparations, the children were playing in the living room with their cousins​​, Marco was just ready and went to the Palazzo Reale. Susy, sitting in front of the large window, in the final phase of the make-up,  was looking out with a expression dense of emotions. On the …

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wedding photographer milan pavia

Wedding at Borgo della Certosa di Pavia – Ileana and Lorenzo – May 30th, 2014

Wedding at Borgo della Certosa di Pavia The last location details in the park of the Borgo della Certosa were almost finished when I arrived about an hour or so before the ceremony. The chairs perfectly aligned and dressed in white, the petals on the grass, and the guests who quitely approached the chairs snooping around. Lorenzo, whose fun-loving nature I felt when we first met , is visibly excited and already preparing in a room looking to the garden. His sister, nieces and dad where there to encourage him. In the next room Ileana is in the hands of her most important friend. The situation is paradoxical, Ileana was very calm while the makeup artist was almost restless. Then …

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wedding in positano amalfi coast

Wedding in Positano – Amalfi Coast – Thea and Robin – May 23rd, 2014

Wedding in Positano Positano, the town meetings. I arrived Positano on the day before the wedding, in the afternoon I decided to do an inspection of the places where the ‘next day Thea and Robin will celebrate their wedding in this crazy place. As a first step I went to Hotel Miramare, here I met the manager Rosita that welcomed me as a friend and I was filled with valuable information and guidance to move in this beautiful village. Rosita was the first pleasant discovery of this wedding adventure. I move to the town all that it is not just around the corner. Imagine the hot of Positano , the smell of lemons that comes from trees looking to the sea … so after a …

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wedding photographer italy

Wedding in Italy – Molino Santa Marta – Silvia and Alberto – May 17th, 2014

Lombardy region never ceases to amaze me, even traveling around Italy for my weddings, I find new amazing locations close to my home. This is the case of the Molino Santa Marta in Robecco sul Naviglio. The park is studied in detail, it is as perfect as a Japanese garden, the grass, the small river with the bridge under the shadow of the weeping willows … Here Silvia and Alberto decided to spend their most important day. I saw two people who are passionate one of the other, when I first met them they told me a bit of their story. Silvia is a shy girl who almost could not believe her eyes when she looked at the mirror, dressed …

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wedding villa parravicini revel

Wedding Locations in Italy, Villa Parravicini Revel, Lake Como

Wedding Locations in Italy, Villa Parravicini Revel, Lake Como This wedding is a bit special because was shot all in black and white, with my great satisfaction, I had the opportunity to express myself in a way that I love very much. Let’s come to Villa Parravicini Revel, a residence in neoclassical style that overlooks the beautiful Lake Como. The characteristics of this location are amazing, the park with landscaped Italian style gardens (all’ italiana they say) , the interior rooms adorned with wall painting. The atmosphere is refined and weddings that I have taken here gave me always great emotions. Here are a few shots of this party in a wonderful location…    Wedding Photographer in Italy Please visit my Lake Como Weddings …

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wedding photographer villa rigatti

Wedding locations in Italy, Villa Rigatti – Friuli Venezia Giulia

Wedding locations in Italy, Villa Rigatti Villa Rigatti build in 1825 in the heart of Friuli Venezia Giulia is an elegant venue for your wedding. There is a fantastic park to live during the aperitif, a swimming pool and interiors that once lit by candles create the right atmosphere. Here I took just last year the beautiful wedding of Luca and Alice started in the beautiful church of Barcola Trieste. I propose a few shots of the wedding …  Wedding Photographer in Italy

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wedding villa iachia

Wedding Locations in Italy, Villa Iachia, Friuli Venezia Giulia

I discovered Villa Iachia in Friuli Venezia Giulia about 3 years ago, I was there for the wedding of Gusy and Marco. Giusy and Marco are a couple that I remember with great affection, their daughter Emma, ​​who at that time was about a year old, looks incredibly like to dad! Villa Iachia is a beautiful wedding location in Friuli Venezia Giulia, managed directly by the owners who take care of all the details. Ms. Iachia, I had the pleasure to meet in several occasions, puts great passion and seriousness and the result is always aperfect and elegant event . I shot several weddings here and I ‘m looking forward to returning back! Take a look to some pictures of …

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wedding photographer vernazza cinque terre

Wedding locations in Italy, Vernazza – Cinque Terre

Wedding locations in Italy, Vernazza I mentioned before the wedding of Steve and Marie-Eve, but with this post I want to talk about the location they choose for their adventure here in Italy. I’m talking about the Cinque Terre and in particular Vernazza. After the flood of 2011 Vernazza is reborn as beautiful as before, a little gem increasingly coveted by couples from all over the world for their weddings. Steve and Marie-Eve arrived here from Quebec to spend here their most important day, every corner, every street and staircase seems made on purpose to make a picture or a painting. Also this year in September I’ll be here for a wedding organized by my friend wedding planner in Cinque Terre, Fabrizio …

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wedding photographer borgo vigoleno

Wedding locations in Italy, Vigoleno Castle, Parma

Vigoleno Castle is one of the most romantic locations where I’ve ever worked. We are on the hills of Piacenza, close to Parma, Vigoleno Castle is a perfect place to hold a wedding day! The interior rooms furnished with original furniture and the romanic church in the same village, reachable in a couple of minutes also with the most brave stilettos … The park but especially the view of the hills is breathtaking … a fairytale place that I love to photograph and I will be there again soon … Here are some photos of the wedding of Daniela and Giuseppe:

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maternity photography

Maternity Photographer… Silvia, Cristian and …

Maternity Photographer Cristian and Silvia have been together for quite a long time, I know them well. They were married two years ago in one of the hottest days of my career as a wedding photographer … and in a few days they will become parents of a beautiful baby ! The name is shrouded in mystery, but his presence is well ahead in Silvia’s belly 😉 We chose Palmanova, a museum city in north east of Italy, as location for the maternity portrait. Palmanova were built in the XVI century by Venetians. … the “walls” of Palmanova are small hills that surround it, created to protect it. Here are some shots in this picturesque location of Cristian, Silvia and ….. …

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