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wedding photographer borgo vigoleno

Shyness and elegance, a wedding in a medieval village

Shyness and elegance, a wedding in a medieval village Shyness and elegance often go hand in hand, I ‘ve seen several times in gestures, expressions and choices. Elegance, you can’t buy it, it’s an instinct, like the grace and simplicity. Shyness often accompanies this quality, elegant people don’t expose themself but they are remembered. This is the case of Antonella that in taste and choices left me a memory of refined simplicity. Her dress looked like a water arum, flower that has been chosen for her bouquet. Everything has been consistent, from the location to the preparations, the flowers. Some shots of this lovely wedding made perfect from the Castle of Vigoleno team (Elena, Claudia, Nicola and all the others …

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Wedding photographer life, what’s in my bag?

Wedding photographer life, what’s in my bag? Waiting at the airport I check what’s in my wedding photographer bag for a 2 days wedding in Sardinia. Too much tools make the game complicated and hurt the backbone ūüôā I need the right ones that I know very well and my fingers move by themself. You should just wait the perfect moment. Travel light, move faster… ¬†enjoy photography¬†. Here what’s in my bag for a two days wedding in Sardinia: – Messenger bag Peak Design – 2 Nikon D750 – 8 ¬†SD Sandisk 128GB 633x –¬†Nikon 28mm f1.8 – Nikon 50mm f1.4 – Nikon 35mm f2 – Flash Nikon SB900 – MagSphere – 6 batteries¬†Nikon – 8 Eneloop – Holdfastgear strap …

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foto luna di miele ritratto lago di como

Honeymoon photography in Lake Como. From Ukraine with LOVE!

Honeymoon in Lake Como. From¬†Ukraine¬†with LOVE! – Viktor & Oksana When a couple from Ukraine has a dream for their honeymoon , it happens sometimes that the dream is Italy and in this case Lake Como . Viktor and Oksana after they got¬†married in their place, they chosed us and Lake Como to celebrate “photographically” their marriage . We met in the resort Casta Diva in Blevio, one of the most exclusive place and we did a tour of the lake by boat ( ) admiring the most elegant villas . They were fascinated by the beauty and the elegance of our lake and I just followed them in this little adventure. Here are some pictures : Find the …

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fotografo matrimonio milano

Wedding in Villa Argenta – Silvia a Luca June 4th 2016

Wedding in Villa Argenta – Silvia a Luca June 4th 2016 Silvia’s father was at the piano ready to sing a song to his daughter. After a few notes, emotion perhaps betraied him and asked help to the musician that immediately replaced him. This little unexpected event didn’t detract from the most beautiful moment of the day, in fact, make that moment even more strong. Silvia and Luca at the table imperceptibly got closer and listened to the music. As a magnet I went closer to photograph them, but after a few shoots I stopped. Some moments are perfect as well. We are always on the wire in this job between discretion, respect and the desire to do many beautiful …

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same sex wedding photographer

Wedding in Lake Garda – Torre San Marco – John and Johnny

Wedding in Lake Garda – Torre San Marco – John and Johnny I’m so lucky that I have photographed weddings of people from big part of the world, religious marriages, civil or just a marriage between two people who love each other, who give themselves to each other without the need for official documents. I was honored this time to photograph the gay marriage of John and Johnny, two English guys who literally overwhelmed me with their elegance and kindness. Everything was organized perfectly on Lake Garda, Torre San Marco (Gardone Riviera) where a warm and soft sunset lovely framed the white chairs and the arch of flowers. The long shadows marked the green grass and the ancient trees that …

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Same sex wedding photographer Italy

Same Sex Wedding photography testimonial

Same Sex Wedding photography testimonial John said…¬† When we first met Matteo and he showed us his book we instantly new he was the perfect photographer for our wedding. His photos were all very beautiful and creative. He has a real attention to detail. And on top of all that he is very easy to get on with and has a calming personality which is essential on your wedding day! On the day itself Matteo was very punctual. He brought an assistant with him which we weren’t expecting but were very pleased about. He literally took thousands of pictures through the day but it never felt like he was being intrusive. He took all the group shots we requested and …

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engagement honeymoon photographer milan

Honeymoon in Italy, Milan portrait session for a young couple from Hong Kong

Honeymoon in Italy, Milan portrait session for a young couple from¬†Hong Kong “We can’t play with the sun, we’ll play with the lines”, with these word I reassured Apple when we met in Milan in Piazza Gae Aulenti, for the photo portrait session for their honeymoon in Italy. This youg couple from Hong Kong choosed Milan as backdrop of their love story. The weather this June certainly didn’t help us photographers and then, since the sky was a bit gray, we played with the architecture of Milan, the ultra modern of Unicredit Tower and the ancient one of the Columns of San Lorenzo and the Navigli area. Milan in a nutshell for their honeymoon in Italy. Here are some pictures: …

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wedding-photographer positano amalfi coast

From Scotland (with love) to Positano, the wedding of Mary and David

From Scotland (with love) to Positano, the wedding of Mary and David I was at the Hotel Excelsior in Pogerola, just above Amalfi, to shoot the preparation of Mary, the panoramic view was breathtaking! I enjoied it from the terrace for a couple of minutes Then I was ready and I asked to be accompanied to the room of the bride as usual. The gentle recptionist announced me that Mary were waiting for me at the residence the Palms and she showed me the way.. Well, after a good 15 minutes of stairs arrived the bride place ;). The best was yet to come, I would have to go back after a few hours, with 30 degrees and my bag …

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portrait photographer piacenza

Wedding on the Colli Piacentini – Francesca and Alex April 16, 2016

Wedding¬†on the Colli Piacentini – Francesca and Alex April 16, 2016 A child is a gift. An incredible adventure that every day amazes you and scare you. Since I am dad¬†I’ve discovered a new world. This has allowed me to become a more conscious photographer. When my spouses already have children or they are going to have, I am even more happy. Because the day of their wedding will be even more intense. Francesca and Alex have a beautiful and clever little girl about two years old and another baby is coming. Here they are in my shots living their big day with friends and family but especially with their children. Thanks to¬†Castello di Vigoleno staff, great professional and lovely …

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engagement session lake como

Salina and Donald , engagement trip to Italy

Salina and Donald , engagement trip to Italy I love to arrive earlier when I work in Varenna . I sit in the square in front of the church , watching the tourists and the locals . I drink a coffee. It is a small town that trasmits peace . Young, beautiful, directly from Hong Kong, have chosen Italy and Lake Como for their engagement trip! Salina and Donald are a young and happy couple! They were so friendly that they followed my advices for this photo shoot . We started with a photoshoot in the streets of Varenna, then after a dress change ūüėČ , we took a taxi boat with Luca ( ) for a boat ride …

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Testimonial engagement photographer in Lake Como

Testimonial engagement photographer in Lake Como Salina said…¬† It has definitely been a fantastic engagement photography experience with Matteo. We as someone havent ever visited Italy, Matteo offered us great suggestions on venues/ time for photo-taking. He has been responsive on all the enquiries we had. With the unpredictable weather, Matteo has been veryflexible in allowing us to make the final decision in the same morning if we go ahead with the photo-taking – he just didnt want us to waste the time and money on this important album of our lives – thanks for being so kind to us. We were a bit nervous before the session not knowing how it would be – it has been proved to …

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wedding photographer venice italy

A tea in Venice, intimate wedding – Maria and Vadim

A tea in Venice, intimate wedding – Maria and Vadim The first phrase with I was welcomed by Maria, entering their apartment in Venice was, “Can I get you some tea?” Gentle and calm, she was preparing herself with the help of her mother and Vadim. I immediately noticed their passion for tea, as they¬†confirmed to me, it was one of the common points that helped to start their story. Maria and Vadim are a Russian couple, living in Israel, they are travelers and photography enthusiasts. They told me how it all began, how it was not really a conventional love story, especially at the beginning. I can only say that I saw a couple in love who wanted to …

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wedding castelvecchio sagrado

Unconventional wedding?

Unconventional wedding ? Today celebrate an unconventional wedding it’ s definitely not easy. Over the years I’ve seen al lot of different events and as wedding photographer (and human been) with a good dose of empathy I believe, I still get excited. This is perhaps the beauty of my job. Looking back at weddings that have most impressed me and to couples who seem to me to have become friends, and some actually are, I saw¬†images of real, intimate events. Perhaps this is the meaning of the day of non conventional marriage. The essence of itself, sharing and celebration, with friends and relatives, of love. This is the story of Eleonora and Bruno, their wedding party (without ceremony) took place …

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wedding villa del balbianello grand hotel tremezzo

Wedding at Villa del Balbianello and Grand Hotel Tremezzo – Emily and Wayne, September 30th, 2015

Wedding at Villa del Balbianello and Grand Hotel Tremezzo – Emily and Wayne, September 30th, 2015 Emily was alone in the room where she¬†prepared herself and all the guests were heading towards the place of the ceremony. The finishing touches to her¬†lips. Someone knocked on the door, it was her dad. He looked at her speechless, he will soon bring¬†Emily to¬†Wayne. Ten minutes in which all the insecurities of a bride manifest, but her¬†father was there to reassure her. I felt like an intruder and of course I went in a¬†corner of the room, shooting from time to time to give them¬†the memory of the strongest moment¬†of the day. Emily is a strong woman, determined, with strong will.¬†During the year …

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Wedding in Orta San Giulio – Villa Crespi – Marco and Madlen September 25th 2015

Wedding in Orta San Giulio – Villa Crespi I can finally write about Marco and Madlen, it’s been a bit now since their marriage, which took place in late September last year in Orta San Giulio. This couple¬†has been full of surprises for me. Madlen is Syriac, her¬†family emigrated in Stockholm following the tragic genocide of Syriac Christians took place between the Iraq and Syria. Marco is Italian and has known Madlen in Stockholm where he lives and works. When I asked him which¬†location they would choose for their wedding Marco explained to me the reason of Villa Crespi, for the peculiarity of their marriage, he Italian and her from Middle East. Villa Crespi embodies the perfect fusion of these …

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wedding photographer marne castle acquarolii

Wedding at Marne Castle – Acquaroli – Federica and Tommaso September 19th 2015

Wedding at Marne Castle – Acquaroli When Federica told me that¬† out of the church there could have been 300-400 friends waiting for them, I could not believe it. 400 are a lot, but it was like that. Rise, applause, screams … I didn’ t understand anything, I was shooting backwards the exit from the church of Tommaso and Federica and I was literally engulfed by the crowd. It was funny to see them overwhelmed by their friends. We moved then in the awesome Castle of Marne, very well managed by Acquaroli, where everything was perfect and in a moment the evening arrived with dances that I would not have missed for anything. So here’s some shots of this perfect …

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venezia matrimonio

Wedding in Venice – The Westin Europa & Regina – Michelle and Matthew August 19th 2016

Wedding in Venice – ¬†The Westin Europa & Regina – Michelle and Matthew August 19th 2016 Over the years, in this work, I met hundreds of people. Some go by and some others don‚Äôt. In 2009, in Varenna, in a small wedding in Villa Cipressi, I met Giuseppe (Blessing from Italy) while celebrating the ceremony with great sensitivity and respect. I was struck. After the ceremony we talked a few minutes and nothing more. After that meeting we talked a couple of times on the phone and we again worked together in Venice where I met Diane, his wife and colleague. We understood we have the same vision, the same respect for our customers, the same passion for those moments …

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wedding villa lario

Wedding Villa Lario Lake Como – Marina e Sebastian

Wedding Villa Lario Lake Como – Marina e Sebastian All the guests¬†have arrived and are waiting for the bride¬†on the terrace of Villa Lario. She is coming, approaching fast with a small and elegant boat, on board there is also her¬†father, the water of the lake is as still as a table¬†and Sebastian is looking for her¬†from the jetty. This is¬†the marriage of Marina and Sebastian. An intimate ceremony, held in a beautiful garden from their best friends, surrounded by their guests. It was an elegant and refined party where there was also room for a fantastic DJ. Here are some pictures: Here the complete slideshow of this fantastic wedding in Villa Lario! Please visit my Lake Como Weddings Page …

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Wedding in Varenna Villa Cipressi Lake Como

Wedding Varenna Villa Cipressi – Katie and Jonathan September 9th, 2015

Wedding in Lake Como Varenna Villa Cipressi Katie and Jonathan September 9th, 2015 ¬†Varenna, Villa Cipressi 9 September the sky was so blue that looked like a fresh painted home door. Perfect temperature , a nice breeze, I parked the car in the car park of Varenna just around the corner is Villa Monti ¬†that overlooks the lake. I went up the small hill and hit the apartmen. Here¬† Katie is almost ready, make up and hair done. We are a bit ‘in advance and Katie with her mother and aunt decide to make a toast, why not? But here ‘s the unexpected. Katie uncork the bottle and the champagne exploded like a firework and squirted his white foam everywhere, …

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Testimonal wedding photographer

Lisa said: “Matteo has been our best decision amongst all the decisions that we had to take planning our wedding. Since the moment I saw the pictures that he took on previous weddings, I understood he was exactly what we were looking for. And he met and exceeded our expectations. He is both an amazing person and a great professional. You’ll receive hundreds of beautiful pictures in just few weeks. There are not many photographers out there that offer this level of service at the same price. And the peace of mind that you have throughout the entire year (or so) knowing that he is great, is priceless (I’ve been really stressed out by second thoughts on other suppliers but …

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