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The Lady of The Lake – Guest post by ®Diane Rossi

The Lady of The Lake I met Celebrant and Writer Diane Rossi for the first time when asked to photograph a fabulous wedding ceremony in Varenna in 2007. Diane and her husband Giuseppe have been Celebrants and Officiants since 2005 and take their vocation very seriously. Every ceremony comes straight from the heart. Visit them to learn more at: ( They work all over Italy and the rest of Europe. Diane is published in several wedding Blogs and I invited her to write as a guest Blogger for my site. I am delighted to share her eloquent article celebrating beauty of mind, body and spirit.. and of course the stunning area of Lake Como! They may not be legendary rulers …

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matrimonio villa regina teodolinda lago di como

Waiting for the magic moment, just that.

Waiting for the magic moment, just that. Small water droplets on the petals shine by the light from the window. From here you can see the guests arriving, one by one or in small groups. Ordered, curious and amazed. Perhaps by the beauty of the lake. Villa Regina Teodolinda lies elegant and quiet facing the water. Siham is hiding behind the curtain and, curious, looks who’s coming. It ‘s time to make up, get ready, but it seems she still want to put off a bit. Today condense months of projects, preparations, hopes, doubts, figuring. I’m here just to give shape to those images, I discretely sneak into this world that lasts a day. Siham is from Morocco, she is a Mediterranean beauty with a …

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Same Sex Engagement Session in Milan

Same Sex Engagement Session in Milan 27 January 2017 Ben said…  We had a super time shooting with Matteo this winter. A skilled photographer who captures the best moments at great locations all around the city. His photojournalistic style is perfect if you’re shy and don’t like to pose so much. Just relax, big smiles and Matteo takes care of everything! We couldn’t have left this shoot in better hands than his. The whole experience was fun, engaging and effortless on our part. Stunning pictures – Bravo, Matteo! Read my love stories in my blog Please visit my Same Sex – Gay Weddings Page for more informations. 

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My wonderful 2016 !

My wonderful 2016 ! Very late I resume some shots of 2016. I should do it for all my couples that I photographed last year ‘s, because, as a friend of mine says, beeing photographed is an act of generosity. They have helped me to live a beautiful year, from Venice to Sardinia, from Positano to the Valle d ‘Aosta, passing by Lake Como and Lake Garda. This was, in a couple of minutes, my 2016, thanks to all! The biggest thanks to my wife Elena and daughter Camilla, of course, is not always easy to live with a photographer ????

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matrimonio in valle d'aosta Bellevue Hotel Cogne

Marriage in Valle d’Aosta- Bellevue Hotel – Cogne

MARRIAGE IN VALLE D’AOSTA – BELLEVUE HOTEL – COGNE Extreme sports, mountain climbing, running and more. Two wonderful Norwegians, born and raised in that great country that I have visited a few years ago. These are the first information I have from Alexandra and Asle, a beautiful couple and with a contagious smile that shared with me an afternoon full of color, huge spaces, endless green, cool breeze, everything in front of His Majesty the Gran Paradiso Park. As often happens Alexandra asked me advice on what to visit in the surrounding area of ​​Milan, Lake Como, etc. I suggested Varenna and other places around the lake. A few days later I was in Villa Cipressi for the wedding of Patrick and Dominique, during the pre ceremony aperitif in …

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fotografo lago di como

Linda, a photo shoot to commemorate the Lake Como vacation

Linda, a photo shoot to commemorate the Lake Como vacation An holiday in Italy, a photo shoot and  relaxa with her husband. These are Linda’s desires, a beautiful american girl, from Washington D.C. , who contacted me for a “glamour” photo shoot in Lake Como. The lake naturally lends itself perfectly, so elegant and fine. Some shots at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo, a walk to Villa Carlotta and a boat ride. It ‘was all very natural and fun, Linda very good and sure of herself. A service infrequent for me but definitely satisfying. Here are some pictures:   Here the youtube slideshow on my channel Please visit my Lake Como Weddings Page for more informations. 

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engagement photographer lake como

Lake Como in a nutshel! Engagement Session

Lake Como in a nutshel! Engagement Session Couples from all over the world dream Italy as place for their wedding or just for the engagement. Some of them are so lucky that realize this dream in Lake Como. This is the case of Tyler and his beautiful fiancè form United States. We started from Bellagio, then we took the boat with the help of Luca Valsecchi (Taxi Boat Varenna), to see the best views of the lake. We hade a walk in Bellagio, saw all the best villas facing the lake. Lake Como in a nutshel! Here you can find the slideshow: And my youtube channel:

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matrimonio in sardegna

Barbara and Alessio, a real adventure in Sardinia

Barbara and Alessio, a real adventure in Sardinia 90’s, early in the morning. Awake since 6:00 am I get off the bus that brought me to Gorizia for school. From the station I start walking for about 10 minutes to my school. Often with me there is Barbara, a gentle friend, smiling, always smiling. We did this little walk together, not every day, but it happened often. Walking to school, I remember she kept his head tilted slightly forward as if to look at the shoes, the thumb of the left hand between the shoulder and the heavy backpack strap. Perhaps a sign of shyness. Always with a smile. Barbara always listened politely my nonsense words, who knows what I was saying. Then the school went …

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matrimonio lago di garda torre san marco

Marriage in Torre San Marco, Gardone Riviera Lake Garda

Marriage in Torre San Marco, Gardone Riviera Lake Garda The silence envelops us all, my clicks explode. My eyes are bouncing nervously here and there, Roberta sit down and his hands caress slowly her  50’s style white dress. In front of her Federico listening to her words. He welcomes those words, quiet, without embarrassment. In their eyes now there is complicity and serenity. One aspect that I like a lot in international marriages are the promises that spouses  exchange during the ceremony, written by them, the night or in the days before. These words, beyond the official celebration of the act, create a very strong moment giving a unique atmosphere. Roberta and Federico, despite being very young, come to this day after an intense …

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matrimonio toscana

Wedding in Tuscany – Andrea and Fred

Wedding in Tuscany – Andrea and Fred Early Monday morning, I take the Italo train in Garibaldi station in Milan and in a couple of hours I arrive in the center of Florence! I find a sunny and hot day, very clear blue sky. The Savernano hills are waiting for me, I go to the car rental office and they assign me a Fiat 500, latest model, how nice! I played around the curves of the Tuscan hills and I enjoined the landscape, almost losing myself among the vineyards, Fiat 500 distracted me for a moment ;-). Andrea and Fred are waiting for me for their wedding in the beautiful Farm Savernano, which dominates the hills. This nice Australian couple enjoined their wedding …

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All in One filters

My Workflow with Forever Thine Wedding Workflow

My Workflow with Forever Thine Wedding Workflow Every year I rethink my wedding workflow to make it more efficient, valuable and why not funny! Great part of my time is in front of my MacBook Pro and in one year a do post production on about 25-30.000 images. A few weeks ago contacted me presenting their Forever Thine Wedding Workflow that is a collection of fantastic presets and brushes for Lightroom. I was happy to test it, and this is my review. This collection of presets covers a lot of black and whites filters  and more than 100 others. The presets are organized in categories so it is simple to find the right one for every image. There a the magical All in …

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Matrimonio Monastero dei Cappiccini - Cologne franciacorta

Wedding at Convento dei Cappiccini – Franciacorta

Wedding at Convento dei Cappiccini – Franciacorta The heat is stifling, the cicadas scream so loud that I almost distracted. I slightly loosen my collar, tight from my dark blue bow tie, while I enter the cloister of the Convento of the Cappuccini in Cologne ( We are in Franciacorta. The charm of this place surprises me. The ceremony will take place on a hill overlooking the whole property on the slopes of Mount Orfano. I ‘m looking forward to start shooting. Lara is waiting for me, almost ready to take on a very busy day. Everything started  a couple of years ago, when I met a nice couple (Marina and Sebastian). We meet them in Milan to Brian and Barry Building, terrace with …

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matrimonio villa lario

Intimate wedding in Villa Lario, Lake Como

Intimate wedding in Villa Lario, Lake Como Carly and Craig, 21st June 2016 Within the fabulous dependance Villa Lario had reserved for her and I found Carly quietly putting the rings and the parure on the bed. She would wear it a little later. The dress was hanging on the large window. She, shine, quiet, looking at all the details,  welcomed me as a friend. Carly wears an elegant gown of satin and sits relying on quick hands of the hair-stylist. Carly’s fingers didn’t stop for a moment, she were fixing her robe, checking the phone or the already perfect nails. I see so many brides at this particular moment experiencing a little of insecurity. As much as I can I try to be close and reassure her, helping Carly in the …

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wedding photographer borgo vigoleno

Shyness and elegance, a wedding in a medieval village

Shyness and elegance, a wedding in a medieval village Shyness and elegance often go hand in hand, I ‘ve seen several times in gestures, expressions and choices. Elegance, you can’t buy it, it’s an instinct, like the grace and simplicity. Shyness often accompanies this quality, elegant people don’t expose themself but they are remembered. This is the case of Antonella that in taste and choices left me a memory of refined simplicity. Her dress looked like a water arum, flower that has been chosen for her bouquet. Everything has been consistent, from the location to the preparations, the flowers. Some shots of this lovely wedding made perfect from the Castle of Vigoleno team (Elena, Claudia, Nicola and all the others …

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Wedding photographer life, what’s in my bag?

Wedding photographer life, what’s in my bag? Waiting at the airport I check what’s in my wedding photographer bag for a 2 days wedding in Sardinia. Too much tools make the game complicated and hurt the backbone 🙂 I need the right ones that I know very well and my fingers move by themself. You should just wait the perfect moment. Travel light, move faster…  enjoy photography . Here what’s in my bag for a two days wedding in Sardinia: – Messenger bag Peak Design – 2 Nikon D750 – 8  SD Sandisk 128GB 633x – Nikon 28mm f1.8 – Nikon 50mm f1.4 – Nikon 35mm f2 – Flash Nikon SB900 – MagSphere – 6 batteries Nikon – 8 Eneloop – Holdfastgear strap …

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foto luna di miele ritratto lago di como

Honeymoon photography in Lake Como. From Ukraine with LOVE!

Honeymoon in Lake Como. From Ukraine with LOVE! – Viktor & Oksana When a couple from Ukraine has a dream for their honeymoon , it happens sometimes that the dream is Italy and in this case Lake Como . Viktor and Oksana after they got married in their place, they chosed us and Lake Como to celebrate “photographically” their marriage . We met in the resort Casta Diva in Blevio, one of the most exclusive place and we did a tour of the lake by boat ( ) admiring the most elegant villas . They were fascinated by the beauty and the elegance of our lake and I just followed them in this little adventure. Here are some pictures : Find the …

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fotografo matrimonio milano

Wedding in Villa Argenta – Silvia a Luca June 4th 2016

Wedding in Villa Argenta – Silvia a Luca June 4th 2016 Silvia’s father was at the piano ready to sing a song to his daughter. After a few notes, emotion perhaps betraied him and asked help to the musician that immediately replaced him. This little unexpected event didn’t detract from the most beautiful moment of the day, in fact, make that moment even more strong. Silvia and Luca at the table imperceptibly got closer and listened to the music. As a magnet I went closer to photograph them, but after a few shoots I stopped. Some moments are perfect as well. We are always on the wire in this job between discretion, respect and the desire to do many beautiful …

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same sex wedding photographer

Wedding in Lake Garda – Torre San Marco – John and Johnny

Wedding in Lake Garda – Torre San Marco – John and Johnny I’m so lucky that I have photographed weddings of people from big part of the world, religious marriages, civil or just a marriage between two people who love each other, who give themselves to each other without the need for official documents. I was honored this time to photograph the gay marriage of John and Johnny, two English guys who literally overwhelmed me with their elegance and kindness. Everything was organized perfectly on Lake Garda, Torre San Marco (Gardone Riviera) where a warm and soft sunset lovely framed the white chairs and the arch of flowers. The long shadows marked the green grass and the ancient trees that …

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Same sex wedding photographer Italy

Same Sex Wedding photography testimonial

Same Sex Wedding photography testimonial John said…  When we first met Matteo and he showed us his book we instantly new he was the perfect photographer for our wedding. His photos were all very beautiful and creative. He has a real attention to detail. And on top of all that he is very easy to get on with and has a calming personality which is essential on your wedding day! On the day itself Matteo was very punctual. He brought an assistant with him which we weren’t expecting but were very pleased about. He literally took thousands of pictures through the day but it never felt like he was being intrusive. He took all the group shots we requested and …

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engagement honeymoon photographer milan

Honeymoon in Italy, Milan portrait session for a young couple from Hong Kong

Honeymoon in Italy, Milan portrait session for a young couple from Hong Kong “We can’t play with the sun, we’ll play with the lines”, with these word I reassured Apple when we met in Milan in Piazza Gae Aulenti, for the photo portrait session for their honeymoon in Italy. This youg couple from Hong Kong choosed Milan as backdrop of their love story. The weather this June certainly didn’t help us photographers and then, since the sky was a bit gray, we played with the architecture of Milan, the ultra modern of Unicredit Tower and the ancient one of the Columns of San Lorenzo and the Navigli area. Milan in a nutshell for their honeymoon in Italy. Here are some pictures: …

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