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matrimonio al castello di vigoleno

Elisa and Michele, Wedding in the Castle of Vigoleno

Elisa and Michele, Wedding in the Castle of Vigoleno In Elisa’s room: The red velvet canopy bed, the paintings, the antique mirror… I know them very well. Elisa is sitting silently, looking through the window, her fingers tapping on her knees. The hills of Piacenza, in front of her, reflect the light entering the red room of the Vigoleno Castle. In Michele’s room: His eyes were dancing around without rest, a few intimate friends around, helping him in this strong moment. Michelle smiles, almost trembling. I rarely see grooms so excited. I try to distract him by explaining that in Elisa’s room is all smooth. He relaxes a little and dresses in a few minutes. In Elisa’s room: Time flies, the frenzy increases. There’s a lot …

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matrimonio castello di montecavallo biellamatrimonio castello di montecavallo biella

Castle of Montecavallo Wedding – Biella Giulia and Giacomo, July 7th 2017

Castle of Montecavallo Wedding – Biella Giulia and Giacomo, July 7th 2017 I write quietly from a café in Piazza San Fedele, Milan, behind the gallery. Huge windows show me what’s going on out there. Two traffic wardens get bored, a teenager leaning on the wall was listens to music with his new, cumbersome but brand new, Beats. A very young couple in the background, silent. The sun of this incredible Italian October warms the “walking distracted” tourists. No music in the coffee shop. I also put my headphones and  Colin Hay’s Beautiful World starts playing. My eyes go out again, now I see a couple around 65 years old, sitting on a bench right in front of me, she embraces him from behind and kisses his cheek. Then he turns …

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villa monastero lake como wedding

Wedding at Villa Monastero Pax – Lenno – Rachell and Chris

Wedding at Villa Monastero Pax – Lenno – Rachell and Chris I have to tell the truth, I didn’t have the opportunity to meet Rachell and Chris before the wedding, it often happens, the distance plays against me and this English couple have been presented to me the same day of wedding by Gemma (My Lake Como Wedding), the warm wedding planner who organized this event. Yes, warm, but I’ll tell you later. I said I didn’t really know Rachel and Chris so I can’t tell a lot about them. I have been shiny entering in their day, as always, watching them before photographing them. I saw Chris, passionate and smiling, happy to be surrounded by his friends, cheerful but caring for him. He seemed very quiet, but …

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portofino belmond hotel splendid matrimonio

Wedding at Belmond Hotel Splendido Portofino

Wedding at Belmond Hotel Splendido Portofino When Anne and Matthew first met they were teenagers, they dated and felt in love. Too young perhaps, with life to live, after a while they took different paths. Anne, however, is a great friend of Matthew’s sister. This friendship is strong and precious. They grow together, they shared everything. They met again after almost twenty years, each one with their own stories and lives behind them. But nothing has changed within them, love resumes, as it had been paused, bigger than ever. Life can surprise you, every day. From Northampton, in the heart of England, they fly to Portofino for their wedding, an unforgettable place. Anne was kindly introduced me by Diane and Giuseppe Rossi, great friends …

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la selva giardini del belvedere wedding

Testimonial Review La Selva Giardino del Belvedere Tuscany Wedding Photographer

Testimonial Review La Selva Giardino del Belvedere Tuscany Wedding Photographer ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5.0/5.0 Quality of Service: 5.0 Responsiveness: 5.0 Professionalism: 5.0 Value: 5.0 Flexibility: 5.0 Gemma said… We looked at all the photos tonight and absolutely LOVE THEM!!!!!!!! Thank you SO much! You’ve captured our day in every way possible, and more. How will we ever decide which ones to print with so many amazing choices?! So glad you were with us. Thank you again, we can’t thank you enough. Matteo was efficient, professional, thorough, a wonderful human being and just a very talented photographer. We loved that he was part of our day and with us through it all. Wedding: 09/02/2017 Services Used: Photography Reviewed On: 09/27/2017 Read my love …

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isola del garda wedding

Isola del Garda Wedding

Isola del Garda Wedding A girl dressed in red looks at the lake ‘s still water from the terrace, the sun shines on this perfect day. The white, essential, elegant wedding dress was already in the right place. Mom and a friend chatted sitting on the bed. I see Sasha smiling in a video call showing the panorama across the world. This is the scene when I enter in the room of the hotel Fasano in Gardone Riviera, on Lake Garda. I’m here for the wedding of Sasha and Paul, they will marry on the Island of Garda. Sasha is enjoying her day. After the ceremony we moved to the San Marco Tower. We took a boat for a few photos. …

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Testimonial Varenna wedding photographer, Lake Como

Testimonial Varenna wedding photographer, Lake Como

Testimonial Varenna wedding, Lake Como ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5.0/5.0 Quality of Service: 5.0 Responsiveness: 5.0 Professionalism: 5.0 Value: 5.0 Flexibility: 5.0 Polly said… We knew Matteo was the perfect photographer for our wedding day from the moment we first met with him back in 2016. He is absolutely charming, attentive and really took the time to understand what we were looking for him to capture on our day. On the run up to the wedding Matteo was always contactable despite him being very busy with wedding season already underway. On the day itself as soon as he arrived the bridal party instantly felt more relaxed. He was so calm and reassuring, he even helped my sister and I (bride) with my veil! …

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la selva giardini del belvedere wedding

La Selva Giardino del Belvedere Wedding

La Selva Giardino del belvedere Wedding I arrive to the farmhouse the day before. The afternoon is warm, there is a bit of wind, in a couple of hours the sunset will arrive. I look at Google Maps and I see that Siena was at a sling. I go! The sun goes down quickly and I am in awe for the medieval streets of this incredible piece of art. Two lovers photograph themselves in front of the Duomo, small groups of friends are sitting in Piazza del Campo having fun. I decided to sit too and drink something while I observe this romantic scene. I think, tomorrow will be a great day, a wedding, a wonderful place, people who love each other. That’s my place. Where I feel free, where …

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matrimonio a sorrento costiera amalfitana

Jewish wedding in Sorrento, Amalfi Coast – Gabriella and Robert

Jewish wedding in Sorrento, Amalfi Coast From “The whole universe obeys love” by F. Battiato “Rare is life in two…..made of slight gestures and affections of the day…..concrete or not we should move…as guests….full of kindness with delicate attention……not to disturb and it`s in some glances that….you see the infinity “ In a few words, Battiato explains what “life in two” is or it should be. I’ve discovered this song in the last month, but the part I prefer is when it pauses for a second, Battiato and Carmen Consoli, stops, take their breath together and start singing again. This pause, that breath seems almost when love comes to you, overwhelms you, maybe you don’t expect it and then you breathe … and …

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matrimonio al castello di spessa resort

Wedding in Castello di Spessa Resort, Friuli Venezia Giulia

“It’s all in our eyes” Giorgio Armani once said, “The elegance is not to be noticed, but to be remembered.” And this is what comes to my mind when I think about Melissandre. We met this year for her wedding at Castello di Spessa, on the hills of my Friuli Venezia Giulia. I remember Melissandre for her natural elegance. The shyness sometimes overwhelmed her. Her eyes were glittering and unbelieving in what was happening to her. They were looking around to her precious friends who made her makeup and helped throughout the preparation. Even Kanoc, her little dog, seemed to look at her delighted. I was ther witness of all this. It was a mosaic of small gestures, accomplices and long hugs. When I took …

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wedding bellagio lake como

Let go, a risk that’s worth taking – Wedding in Bellagio Lake Como

Let go, a risk that’s worth taking When I started doing this “job” I wasn’t very aware that the emotional involvement of the photographer is so important. Getting into empathy for me means really love and take care about my couples. So everything becomes more natural and the click at the right time comes as a gift, you shouldn’t look for it. And one day it happens this wedding, where the only thing to do is let it go, get it. Thanks to the people I met that day. For example her mother, Sharon, welcomed me so warmly that I saw my mother in her eyes. And of course Adriana and Rob and many others. Sometimes, however, letting go is expose yourself, becoming vulnerable, but with Adriana …

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matrimonio in varenna lago di como

Wedding album for the anniversary – A wedding in Varenna

Wedding album for the anniversary  – A wedding in Varenna Alan, very organized, full of energy, always smiling. Orlaith, excited, shine, watched him all day with her big eyes. These are the two spouses who from Ireland have chosen Varenna for their marriage. It was a hot day, Alan welcomed me immediately in the villa where Orlaith and her bridesmaids were preparing. Then, of course, he disappeared, leaving the women quiet. This happened a year ago. A few weeks ago Alan and Orlaith wrote me because he wanted to create the album on time for their first anniversary. We created it together in a few days and sent it for printing The UPS took charge of the package, the anniversary is next week, I followed the tracking with …

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matrimonio a villa castellina

Wedding in Villa Castellina

WEDDING in VILLA CASTELLINA On more wedding I photographed last year, I promise shortly to start telling those of this year but the intense season keeps me away from the blog. It was a hot, sunny day where the smiles lit the candlelight dinner. We are between Piacenza and Parma, precisely in Castellina in a sober and elegant villa. My luck is not only travel to beautiful places and discovering elegant villas that history has given us, but in meeting beautiful people. With Paolo and Teresa it was so easy to work with that I remember their day as if I was a guest 😉 . But I want to make a leap at the end of the party, at the last photo I took …

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wedding villa parravicini

“It can’t rain all the time” – Wedding at Villa Parravicini – Felicity and Simon

“It can’t rain all the time” – Marriage at Villa Parravicini – Felicity and Simon And instead it rained, in this actually happy wedding held between Villa del Balbianello and Villa Parravicini, weather didn’t gave us peace. Not even 10 minutes, it rained all the time. We would go to Villa del Balbianello by boat and instead we got into a bus. We would make some shots on the lake of Como walk, near the villa, and instead no, thunderstorms the whole day and night. I’ve never seen a couple so smiling, they never missed their good mood. Felicity and Simon and all their guests had a great time. The wedding were magically handled by Alessandra, Veronica and Davide of …

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brides mom wedding photographer lake como

The brides moms. A wedding at Castello di Rossino

The brides moms. A wedding at Castello di Rossino Sian and Angelo are an Italo-English couple, Angelo is Italian, Dad’s a great chef in England, Sian is pure British blood! And of course they chose among the most suggestive locations we are lucky to have here on Lake Como. They married in the Villa del Balbianello and then celebrated the party in Rossino Castle in Calolziocorte, on the branch of Lecco lake. The castle enjoys an incredible view, on one side the lake, the other side across the valley. Sian to Angelo, they have a beautiful boy who has been calm and smiling the whole day. Brides moms are something unique to watch and photograph. I met them the year before the wedding …

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wedding varenna lake como

Small Intimate wedding … a perfect wedding on Lake Como

Small Intimate wedding … a perfect wedding on Lake Como We often talk about it, myself and Vittore, small, intimate weddings, are our favorites. You create a good energy, you get in touch and you know a little more about our spouses. Patrick, an aviation pilot, and Dominique wrote to me from Belgium by starting their email in Italian and then continuing to English. This kind touch made me realize that we could match. I meet them in Como a few months later, in Visini place, a well-known local food and wine shop, Patrick proposes the place and this confirmed that we can really become friends ????. And so it was, we met, they have a son who could play the Great Gatsby as …

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lake garda wedding photographer

From Croatia to Lake Garda, passing by Positano !

FROM CROATIA TO GARDA LAKE, PASSING by POSITANO ???? I was in Croatia with Elena and Camilla, we were having breakfast. From the terrace of our small apartment rented for a few days I heard the sea, Camilla was playing  with her new swimsuit (strictly pink ????) and Elena was preparing a coffee. In this magic moment I was checking the e-mail ????. I know it’s sad but it’s stronger than me. Kristin a cheerful Austrian woman wrote me for her wedding in Positano. I called her immediately to introduce myself and ask her all the details. She almost amazed at my prompt phone call, I felt her cheerfulness and openness. I understood that it might be a beautiful wedding to be photographed. And so it was. On …

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Matrimonio al Grand Hotel Tremezzoq

Those minutes before to go – Wedding at Grand Hotel Tremezzo

Those minutes before to go – Wedding at Grand Hotel Tremezzo The cap of the bottle of Champagne splashes fast and foam flying high, almost up to me, I  shoot that moment that surprised everyone. I jumped, but my finger clicked by itself. This is the start of a wedding day in Lake Como, it’ s September, a strong light enters from the large window. After this chill, quiet  is restored in the suite of the Grand Hotel Tremezzo, Faye relaxes, her friends and her mom joke in  the other room. From the terrace you can see Jamie having a drink with the other guests near the pool. They are about to move to Villa Balbianello for the ceremony. Faye is ready, she is alone only a …

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fotografo matrimonio piacenza

That precious moment before you leave to be married

That precious moment before you leave to be married Photos by me, words by my friend Diane Rossi. No one can turn their eyes away from your stunning image and as you study your own reflection in the mirror, you know that you own that moment.. Time slows down to a complete standstill, while your heart beats excitedly in your chest. The insecurity of this moment communicates such great tenderness, which moves me so profoundly and renders every Bride so very real to me. I have met couples who seem like they have run a marathon or even endured an Ironman challenge during the year leading to the day of their marriage.. but in that split second we all share …

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