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matrimonio persiano lago di como

Persian Wedding in Lake Como

Persian Wedding in Lake Como The situation is very simple. Leila and Gaspare live in Texas (USA) Leila is of Persian origin Gaspare is of Italian-Chinese-Philippine origins born in Australia (I hope I am not wrong) They got married in Italy, on Lake Como, at Villa Aura del Lago. This trip around of the world in one day brought in front of my lenses and in front of my eyes, a mix of cultures, traditions and colours truly unique and unrepeatable. This is the marriage of Leila and Gaspare. In this wedding there was everything, the Catholic ceremony in a beautiful church overlooking the lake. The Persian ceremony in the villa. I appreciated the lightness, the amused expressions of all the women who actively participated. Traditional …

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jewish wedding

Destination Wedding – Jewish wedding in Belgium

Destination Wedding – Jewish  wedding in Belgium It isn’t the destination which reminds me the trip but the people I meet. October 21st, 2017, I take the plane around noon from Malpensa, Milan, in the afternoon friends are waiting for me in Antwerp, Belgium. I arrive at the hotel, I go out with my little Ricoh GR II, I make some street photography, I become familiar with a lively, multicultural city, full of history. Charming. Tomorrow I will photograph the marriage of Benjamin and Seda. But tonight I will meet with old “friends”, Philippe, Patrick and Dominique. On July 27, 2016 I photographed the wedding of a wonderful couple from Belgium in Varenna, Lake Como . … Patrick and Dominique … With them, it seemed as if …

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honeymoon photo shooting in turcany


HONEYMOON IN TUSCANY – CHRIS AND ANNA Monday afternoon, I take the car towards Tuscany. I put some music, I like driving. It’s relaxing. Chris and Anna are waiting for me, they are from Germany, in Tuscany for their honeymoon. We are in Vitigliano, in a spa over the famous tuscan hills. They are shy, reserved and ask me not to take them among the people. To make intimate and romantic photos. Simply tell a short story about them and their special afternoon in Italy. Here are some photos of the service: Location: Vitigliano Tuscan Relais & Spa   La Selva Giardino del Belvedere Wedding  

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engagement honeymoon lake como villa melzi bellagio

Testimonial honeymoon photographer Lake Como – Bellagio

Stephanie and John, Bellagio – Lake Como May 25th, 2018 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5.0/5.0 Quality of Service: 5.0 Responsiveness: 5.0 Professionalism: 5.0 Value: 5.0 Flexibility: 5.0 Stephanie said… Matteo work is outstanding – He got our photos back to us in like a day or 2! Such a pleasant surprise!! We really enjoyed working with him- he made our experience in Lake Como so special & we will now be able to cherish our photos and remember our time there forever… in such a beautiful way. I totally recommend choosing him- he is absolutely amazing and makes working with him nothing but a pleasure. Event: 05/24/2018 Event Type: Other Services Used: Photography Reviewed On: 05/28/2018 Read my love stories in my blog

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engagement honeymoon lake como villa melzi bellagio


STEPHANIE AND JOHN – honeymoon in Lake Como I arrive early, I look at the lake for a few minutes. Bellagio is full of tourists as usual, the sun seems huge today, the sky is blue. I drink a coffee before starting, I try to understand which, of the couples I see walking through the people, will be my couple! We only “talk” by e-mail, I never see them, it will be a surprise. Stephanie and John got married two years ago in Michigan (USA) and I’m here today, on Lake Como, for their honeymoon. A few days in Italy, good food, the lake, a photo shoot, some romantic walks. Simply perfect. Here is a fraction of their honeymoon: Some more examples here: …

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engagement lake como

Imagine this … Engagement lake Como – Hilton Lake Como

Imagine this … Let’s say your name is Bhavni, you’re a British, with Indian origins. You took a plane with your sister and you will meet Rushabh, your boyfriend on Lake Como, in the beautiful and newly opened Hilton Lake Como. You are very excited and happy to spend a weekend in Italy. With your sister, her boyfriend and yours. You’ve just arrived at the hotel,  you take some time in the hotel room to rest.  Rushabh hasn’t yet to arrived. You are invited to visit the panoramic terrace to take a first look at Lake Como from a unique point of view. You get to the top floor, the elevator opens and you go out onto the terrace, line the infinity …

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engagement lake como

Testimonial Engagement Photographer Lake Como

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5.0/5.0 Quality of Service: 5.0 Responsiveness: 5.0 Professionalism: 5.0 Value: 5.0 Flexibility: 5.0 Rushabh said… Matteo was great – very helpful and provided a high quality service. I would definitely recommend Matteo to anyone interested in a photographer around the Milan area. He was very friendly and knowledgable of the local area in Como and provided a quality timely output. Thanks again! Event: 03/09/2018 Event Type: Engagement Party Services Used: Photography, Unique Services (Other) Reviewed On: 03/21/2018 Read my love stories in my blog

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italian riviera

Best Wedding Venues for astounding wedding photos in Italy

Guest post: Best Wedding Venues for astounding wedding photos in Italy Let me introduce the guest post author of today, Katie Jones  from She loves to write, travel, practice yoga and read at any available moment! Currently writing for Orla James she adores living by the sea in Brighton UK with all of its creative opportunities that it brings.   Getting married is always a magical and romantic event. With love in the air, you and your partner want everything to be absolutely perfect. Apart from the fanfare that follows the ceremony, family, friends, and love, what is also important is your venue or location. If you’re looking for a beautiful venue that has beaches, mountains, clear waters, Villas, Castles, …

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foto di coppia milano

Engagement shooting in Milan

Engagement shooting in Milan It’s Sunday morning in May, in the beautiful park of Monza, near Milan. Nora and Stefano quietly walk on the green, behind them the Villa Reale. The sun begins to warm up but we arrived early, so we are quite alone. Stefano, perhaps, is a bit more shy but is led by Nora. What interests me most, during these shootings, is that they are in their confort zone, relaxed and bored by me. I rarely ask my couples to kiss, I let it happen, to have some more spontaneous, true photos. They say that kissing is therapeutic, relaxing. This engagement shooting I generally shot before the wedding day and gives us the opportunity to get in confidence, create a relationship. Taking pictures …

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wedding villa regina teodolinda

Wedding in Villa Regina Teodolinda – Laglio

Wedding in Villa Regina Teodolinda – Laglio It’s been almost a year I know Mailin and Thomas. I photographed them with Leopold, their smily child, in a family portrait on Lake Como. Then the civil wedding in Como, in spring. And at the end of the summer it was the most natural thing for me to photograph their wedding in Laglio, in the intimate Villa Regina Teodolinda, overlooking the lake. And in fact I enjoyed from the first to last minute of this day. Thomas is a smiling and fun person, but when the moment becomes intense, he doesn’t  fail to show his feelings. Mailin, calm and romantic. Curious, she looked often out of the window the arrival of the guests. She looked like …

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matrimonio intimo grand hotel tremezzo

Jewish Elopement at Grand Hotel Tremezzo – Lake Como

 Jewish Elopement at Grand Hotel Tremezzo – Lake Como A small, intimate jewish elopement in Lake Como. He is a Canadian, smiling and calm. She is very young and beautiful. Attentive to all the details and with even two dresses. Everything happened at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo, first in the suite for the getting ready. Then the “fashion” shooting that Katrin asked me was really easy with her. Here are some shots: Thanks to Nicole, event Manager at Gran Hotel Tremezzo and Ornella MakeUp and Hair artist by Hair-Point . Here the slideshow of the elopement at Grand Hotel Tremezzo:   Here in Italian: Matrimonio intimo al Grand Hotel Tremezzo  

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lake garda wedding

Gardone Riviera – La Torre San Marco – October Wedding

Gardone Riviera – La Torre San Marco – October Wedding. Gardone Riviera, Hotel Fasano. The lake is watching us, the warm October sun gives us a sweet and warm light. The wedding season is over, today is the last event of the year. Patty lights a cigarette on the balcony of the suite. Slowly inhale, smoke is light, coming out from the slightly open mouth. The fingers hold up the cigarette with elegance. I do not interrupt that moment, I just photograph it. … The dress has an essential line, beautiful. The black gloves and the warm, vaporous stole define her style. Patty is ready, the Porsche arrives, I make myself small and I sit in the back seats. The sun is in our eyes, …

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wedding villa orsini colonna

Wedding in Villa Orsini Colonna, Imbersago

Wedding in Villa Orsini Colonna, Imbersago From the window of the library of  Villa Orsini Colonna  there were two huge deer, quietly eating the grass in the park surrounding the property. The light came in through the tall windows and was reflected on the floor, almost completely covered with carpets. Right in the large library Francesca was preparing herself. Surrounded by lots of wood, books, a warm marble fireplace and, of course, friends and family. There was mum, warmly with Francesca but also with her husband. Daddy going around, watching and smiling. The sister, shy, curious, looking at Francesca with admiration. I loved this family from the first moment. Francesca’s black curls have been tamed and she is finally ready to put on her dress. Mom, …

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Wedding in Lake Garda

La Torre San Marco Wedding – Lake Garda

La Torre San Marco Wedding – Lake Garda I often meet “brides mothers” in my job and I perceive that this particular situation can bring with it some more worries. Small children often feel the tension of the day and more than once I heard that in that morning they had a few dashes of fever. The mother (and bride) of course in such a situation is even more under pressure, despite the help of all relatives and friends. In this wedding, just a few days before , Maria’s daughter, about 10 years old, broke her arm. Nothing is simple in life, especially getting married. 😉 A beautiful girl like her mother and very proud of her dress. He showed it to me …

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Testimonial Wedding Photographer in Portofino

Testimonial Wedding Photographer in Portofino ” Matteo was our wedding photographer in June 2017 at the wonderful Splendido Hotel Portofino , Italy. Both myself and Matthew are from the Uk and finding the right person for the job overseas was daunting, Matteo came recommended, as soon as we initially made contact every thing was made so easy for us. Matteo worked with us to establish exactly what we wanted, he would always respond promptly , he made us feel special before the event and he was very clear and always informed us every step of the journey. Working with Matteo on the day was a delight, he was professional, good fun and obviously very talented . All of my guests, …

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wedding villa del balbianello lake como

An intimate and romantic wedding at Villa del Balbianello – Lake Como

An intimate and romantic wedding at Villa del Balbianello – Lake Como Sometimes it takes only a few words, of those who can write well, to describe the love between two people. The words of  Scott Matthew in Surgery can give that feeling. Scott describes that mystery and for a moment it seems clear but in a few seconds fades again. Listen to it if you like. Here you can find the lyrics : The wedding story in Villa del Balbianello Telling the story of Michelle and Matthew in pictures is the same challenge. I was in front of true love, physically perceived while looking at them under the loggia of Villa del Balbianello. An intimate wedding, a few guests who were silent …

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autumn wedding in italy

A warm autumn wedding day in Italy

A warm autumn wedding day in Italy Grooms don’t get me wrong, I often talk about bride’s getting ready and rarely the Grooms side, because I usually take care of the preparation of the bride photos … For this reason it is natural to tell these stories. And when there is a dad in the story, it will be a moment that I will hardly forget. Ilara, with a contagious smile, enjoyed every single moment of her preparation but mostly she enjoyed all the people around her. She found the time for her dear friend Roberta. But perhaps the most intense moment, before marriage, was the hug with the father. The father who was moved and didn’t want to leave her anymore. Nice to …

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wedding grand hotel tremezzo lake como

From the Fjords to Lake Como, the step is short – Norwegian Wedding at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo

From the Fjords to Lake Como, the step is short – Norwegian Wedding at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo Entering the suite the front window almost blinds me, the lake is like a mirror and the light explodes in the room, passing thought the dress. I see Ursula, her fingers flew on her Mac’s keyboard,  she was finishing the readings of her witnesses I guess. His eyes fixed on the screen, her shoulders straight, motionless. I felt a little tension in the air. Her friends move fast in the room. They adjust the dress, hide some suitcases. They said something in Norwegian, I didn’t understand of course, but I think they wanted to reset the room for the photos ;). Mikkel and Ursula came from Norway to marry on …

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Wedding in lake Garda La Torre San Marco

Lake Garda, calm but impressive. Villa Fiordaliso wedding wedding of Sabine and Bart

Lake Garda, calm but impressive. Villa Fiordaliso wedding wedding of Sabine and Bart I grew up enjoying the sea, like most of us. Sea of ​​Friuli, Campania. Beautiful places, beautiful feeling of salty water, sunset on the far horizon. But doing this job I discovered the lake, indeed the lakes. Lake Maggiore, Lake Como and Lake Garda. It’s the Garda lake that is today the protagonist of this wedding in Gardone Riviera at Torre San Marco – Villa Fiordaliso. The location is amazing and the lake’s mood is fascinating. Calm but impressive just like the lake could be. Sabine and Bart come from Belgium, this year Belgium was very important to me, just a few weeks ago I was in Antwerp for another awesome …

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