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wedding in lake garda

Wedding in Lake Garda – Torre San Marco – Gardone Riviera

Wedding in Lake Garda – Torre San Marco – Gardone Riviera Lake Garda is blue, blue like the sea, blue like the sky. Probably because is huge, calm. It lives a dimension of his own. When you arrive at Gardone Riviera you enter in a summer holiday world. Pubs, restaurants, top-level hotels and beautiful villas overlooking the lake, like Villa Fiordaliso where today I work for a wedding. A unique road along the lake is almost always packed with cars, both day and night. Energy here is incredible. An elegant and welcoming place, frequented by many Italians and foreigners. Today is the day of Cecilia and Luca, two frequenters of the area who have decided to celebrate in Torre San …

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Destination Wedding – Jewish wedding in Belgium

Destination Wedding – Jewish  wedding in Belgium It isn’t the destination which reminds me the trip but the people I meet. October 21st, 2017, I take the plane around noon from Malpensa, Milan, in the afternoon friends are waiting for me in Antwerp, Belgium. I arrive at the hotel, I go out with my little Ricoh GR II, I make some street photography, I become familiar with a lively, multicultural city, full of history. Charming. Tomorrow I will photograph the marriage of Benjamin and Seda. But tonight I will meet with old “friends”, Philippe, Patrick and Dominique. On July 27, 2016 I photographed the wedding of a wonderful couple from Belgium in Varenna, Lake Como . … Patrick and Dominique … With them, it seemed as if …

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lake garda wedding

Gardone Riviera – La Torre San Marco – October Wedding

Gardone Riviera – La Torre San Marco – October Wedding. Gardone Riviera, Hotel Fasano. The lake is watching us, the warm October sun gives us a sweet and warm light. The wedding season is over, today is the last event of the year. Patty lights a cigarette on the balcony of the suite. Slowly inhale, smoke is light, coming out from the slightly open mouth. The fingers hold up the cigarette with elegance. I do not interrupt that moment, I just photograph it. … The dress has an essential line, beautiful. The black gloves and the warm, vaporous stole define her style. Patty is ready, the Porsche arrives, I make myself small and I sit in the back seats. The sun is in our eyes, …

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Wedding in Lake Garda

La Torre San Marco Wedding – Lake Garda

La Torre San Marco Wedding – Lake Garda I often meet “brides mothers” in my job and I perceive that this particular situation can bring with it some more worries. Small children often feel the tension of the day and more than once I heard that in that morning they had a few dashes of fever. The mother (and bride) of course in such a situation is even more under pressure, despite the help of all relatives and friends. In this wedding, just a few days before , Maria’s daughter, about 10 years old, broke her arm. Nothing is simple in life, especially getting married. 😉 A beautiful girl like her mother and very proud of her dress. He showed it to me …

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Wedding in lake Garda La Torre San Marco

Lake Garda, calm but impressive. Villa Fiordaliso wedding wedding of Sabine and Bart

Lake Garda, calm but impressive. Villa Fiordaliso wedding wedding of Sabine and Bart I grew up enjoying the sea, like most of us. Sea of ​​Friuli, Campania. Beautiful places, beautiful feeling of salty water, sunset on the far horizon. But doing this job I discovered the lake, indeed the lakes. Lake Maggiore, Lake Como and Lake Garda. It’s the Garda lake that is today the protagonist of this wedding in Gardone Riviera at Torre San Marco – Villa Fiordaliso. The location is amazing and the lake’s mood is fascinating. Calm but impressive just like the lake could be. Sabine and Bart come from Belgium, this year Belgium was very important to me, just a few weeks ago I was in Antwerp for another awesome …

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isola del garda wedding

Isola del Garda Wedding

Isola del Garda Wedding A girl dressed in red looks at the lake ‘s still water from the terrace, the sun shines on this perfect day. The white, essential, elegant wedding dress was already in the right place. Mom and a friend chatted sitting on the bed. I see Sasha smiling in a video call showing the panorama across the world. This is the scene when I enter in the room of the hotel Fasano in Gardone Riviera, on Lake Garda. I’m here for the wedding of Sasha and Paul, they will marry on the Island of Garda. Sasha is enjoying her day. After the ceremony we moved to the San Marco Tower. We took a boat for a few photos. …

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From Croatia to Lake Garda, passing by Positano !

FROM CROATIA TO GARDA LAKE, PASSING by POSITANO ???? I was in Croatia with Elena and Camilla, we were having breakfast. From the terrace of our small apartment rented for a few days I heard the sea, Camilla was playing  with her new swimsuit (strictly pink ????) and Elena was preparing a coffee. In this magic moment I was checking the e-mail ????. I know it’s sad but it’s stronger than me. Kristin a cheerful Austrian woman wrote me for her wedding in Positano. I called her immediately to introduce myself and ask her all the details. She almost amazed at my prompt phone call, I felt her cheerfulness and openness. I understood that it might be a beautiful wedding to be photographed. And so it was. On …

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Marriage in Torre San Marco, Gardone Riviera Lake Garda

Marriage in Torre San Marco, Gardone Riviera Lake Garda The silence envelops us all, my clicks explode. My eyes are bouncing nervously here and there, Roberta sit down and his hands caress slowly her  50’s style white dress. In front of her Federico listening to her words. He welcomes those words, quiet, without embarrassment. In their eyes now there is complicity and serenity. One aspect that I like a lot in international marriages are the promises that spouses  exchange during the ceremony, written by them, the night or in the days before. These words, beyond the official celebration of the act, create a very strong moment giving a unique atmosphere. Roberta and Federico, despite being very young, come to this day after an intense …

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Wedding in Lake Garda – Torre San Marco – John and Johnny

Wedding in Lake Garda – Torre San Marco – John and Johnny I’m so lucky that I have photographed weddings of people from big part of the world, religious marriages, civil or just a marriage between two people who love each other, who give themselves to each other without the need for official documents. I was honored this time to photograph the gay marriage of John and Johnny, two English guys who literally overwhelmed me with their elegance and kindness. Everything was organized perfectly on Lake Garda, Torre San Marco (Gardone Riviera) where a warm and soft sunset lovely framed the white chairs and the arch of flowers. The long shadows marked the green grass and the ancient trees that …

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Lake Garda wedding

Lake Garda wedding – Larissa and Marc

Lake Garda wedding In these frenzy moments, hair dryer and combs were dancing, the curious were coming into the room and the bottles of prosecco were opened in the close groom’s room, there was Mattia who was sleeping peacefully and unaware of everything in his small bed, in the middle of the crowded room. Mattia has five months and is the beautiful boy of Larissa and Marc a young German couple who were married on May 2nd on Lake Garda. Villa Cariola is inside the peaceful Aldegheri wine house , the park is surrounded by vineyards and consists of a long staircase that rises to 200 meters upwards, creating a great visual impact. This is where Larissa and Marc got married and had …

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Serie Unseen – Weddings in lake Garda

Weddings in lake Garda Last week I was in Bardolino to meet Larissa, a German bride who is getting married next May 2nd on Lake Garda. As usual I arrived with a little in advance and I did a walk right by the lake. A swan looked at me puzzled as I approached him to photograph  :), there were groups of people jogging and some canoeists training in the typical silence of the lake. Larissa was accompanied by all the family, the mother (from Frosinone, Italy) spoke to me in a nice Italian while playing with his grandson Mattia just five months old. I ‘m looking forward to going back next month … for now here are some photos of my past adventures …

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tattoo wedding lake garda

Tattoo Wedding in Italy – Pamela and Giuseppe – September 1st 2014

Tattoo Wedding in Italy I was the only one without those amazing works on my body… Figurative images running on the arms, through the back of the hands and sticking out of the shirt collars. I’m talking about tattoos that in this marriage were co-stars. Giuseppe and Pamela are two unconventional  spouses , young, in love and most importantly with a beautiful baby. Why I started talking about tattoos? Because Giuseppe is a talented Italian tattooist, he works with Pamela in Siena. Can you imagine a beautiful woman, black hair, lips and red dress, sleeveless black nail, beautiful figurative tattoos on his arms with a black bouquet that seems designed by Tim Burton walking the street of Sirmione on Lake Garda? This is Pamela. …

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Wedding photographer in Lake Garda – Tenuta la Presa – Patricia and Martin June 7th, 2014

Wedding photographer in Lake Garda Patricia goes over the words of the song, looking up  and moving her lips imperceptibly, it seems she is praying. With her white dress she is sitting between the lights and the DJ setup, in a few minutes she would sing to her husband Martin. It’s 1 am, the cake and the fireworks already have entertained the guests that are coming from the garden of Tenuta La Presa. Patricia is now ready and excited. Surprise! Martin arrives and finds a chair in the middle of the room. He sits down and looks at her with shining eyes, the lights go down. Patricia sings for him and their friends sparklers light up the stars …. I started from the end …

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Wedding in Villa Fiordaliso – Gardone Riviera – Garda Lake

Harold and Judy, April 15th, 2013 Harold and Judy will remain in my thoughts for a long time, they are a couple that really impressed me. But let’s start from the beginning ! We are on the beautiful Garda Lake in Gardone Riviera, at the stunning Villa Fiordaliso, Harold and Judy are from Hamburg with a dozen very close friends and decided to celebrate their wedding in Italy. I cannot say too much, but they all work on an artistic enviroment, in fact when Judy arrived to the gazebo for the celebration, all friends started singing. I was thinking to be at a Broodway musical 🙂 But the most important moment was when Judy (she is from Croatia) sang a …

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