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Matrimonio lgbt gay

LGBT Love – Wedding in Trentino

LGBT Love – Wedding in Trentino This is not a post on LGBT, Gay or samesex marriage, this post is about love. Here the story: Backpack and cameras are ready and ,  after a long trip, Vittore and I arrived in a magical place called Trentino. The mountains are reflected on the lakes, the leaves are rapidly changing color, the sun is hot but in the shade you immediately realize that we are in October and over 1000m of altitude. Comfortable shoes, cameras in hand, let’s take a look around. We found the perfect places for our shooting. So here are the ingredients of our recipe: – The mountains of Trentino, always there, always changing – Two girls, beautiful, romantic …

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wedding at Susans Castle - Majano Friuli

Wedding at Susans Castle – Majano

Wedding at Susans Castle – Majano Every time I come back to Friuli Venezia Giulia for my weddings I discover how beautiful Friuli is. And also this time it didn’t disappointed my expectations. The first unforgettable place was the church in Piazza San Giacomo, Udine. Piazza San Giacomo is in the heart of Udine. Pastel colored small buildings surround the white church. People is used to stop in a cafè under the big umbrellas and drink something in this relaxing environment. Udine is elegant, is quiet, the food is great as well as the wine, of course. Giulia and Luca live not far from here and they are really in love with their city. The places where they grow up …

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matrimonio al castello di spessa resort

Wedding in Castello di Spessa Resort, Friuli Venezia Giulia

“It’s all in our eyes” Giorgio Armani once said, “The elegance is not to be noticed, but to be remembered.” And this is what comes to my mind when I think about Melissandre. We met this year for her wedding at Castello di Spessa, on the hills of my Friuli Venezia Giulia. I remember Melissandre for her natural elegance. The shyness sometimes overwhelmed her. Her eyes were glittering and unbelieving in what was happening to her. They were looking around to her precious friends who made her makeup and helped throughout the preparation. Even Kanoc, her little dog, seemed to look at her delighted. I was ther witness of all this. It was a mosaic of small gestures, accomplices and long hugs. When I took …

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wedding castelvecchio sagrado

Unconventional wedding?

Unconventional wedding ? Today celebrate an unconventional wedding it’ s definitely not easy. Over the years I’ve seen al lot of different events and as wedding photographer (and human been) with a good dose of empathy I believe, I still get excited. This is perhaps the beauty of my job. Looking back at weddings that have most impressed me and to couples who seem to me to have become friends, and some actually are, I saw images of real, intimate events. Perhaps this is the meaning of the day of non conventional marriage. The essence of itself, sharing and celebration, with friends and relatives, of love. This is the story of Eleonora and Bruno, their wedding party (without ceremony) took place …

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Testimonal wedding photographer

Lisa said: “Matteo has been our best decision amongst all the decisions that we had to take planning our wedding. Since the moment I saw the pictures that he took on previous weddings, I understood he was exactly what we were looking for. And he met and exceeded our expectations. He is both an amazing person and a great professional. You’ll receive hundreds of beautiful pictures in just few weeks. There are not many photographers out there that offer this level of service at the same price. And the peace of mind that you have throughout the entire year (or so) knowing that he is great, is priceless (I’ve been really stressed out by second thoughts on other suppliers but …

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fotografo matrimonio friuli venezia giulia 19

Wedding at the Castle of Buttrio Friuli Venezia Giulia

Wedding at the Castle of Buttrio Lisa and Alberto, September 5th, 2015 Lisa and Alberto live in Sydney, Australia and when we first met via Skype we immediately liked and understood each other. Lisa has worked in the wedding industry and I must say she organized a marriage just perfect, it was in an international mood but was de facto an Italian, elegant wedding . So everything was “aligned” perfectly, even my mind and my heart. A young couple, very passionate that is living an adventure far from home and relatives, by their own efforts. I liked so much and I will remember them. Here are some photos of the beautiful day.     Here the slideshow on my youtube …

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wedding photographer udine trieste friuli

Wedding in Friuli Buttrio Castle – Martina and Michael July 18th 2015

Wedding in Friuli Buttrio Castle – Martina and Michael July 18th 2015 Martina, perhaps a bit intimidated by my camera sits on a chair in the room of the Castle of Buttrio and passes the check list of their most important day. Later today she would wear the white dress helped by closest friends and her mother. From the window you can see the beautiful hills that lead the best grapes of the legendary white wines of this beautiful region. From here I can see the terrace below where musicians get ready and my good friend Gerry (GP Events), working with him is a pleasure as well as an honor. As usual he was taking care about all the details …

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wedding photographer Villa Gallici Deciani

International Wedding in Villa Gallici Deciani, Udine – Edith and Hugues, May 23rd 2015

International Wedding in Villa Gallici Deciani Working with friends, is the best thing you can ask for. The day of the wedding photographer is very long, we start very early in the morning, do a tour of the locations, before it starts all over. Then I usually take a cafe before to start, this is a time where there is always a bit’ nervous before the performance, I think it is normal. Great actors with decades of career are always nervous before they go on the stage. I am just human. But if, as in this case, I’m going to work with people that I trust, and I respect all is easier, nicer and the day slips away without even noticing. I often work …

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wedding villa gallici deciani

Wedding Photographer Villa Gallici Deciani – Elisa and Peter – August 23rd, 2014

Wedding Photographer Villa Gallici Deciani Villa Gallici Deciani is one of the most exclusive and elegant wedding location in Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy. Beeing a wedding photographer here is a pleasure. The garden is fantastic, the swimming pool and the villa itself, but also for some unique details. First, the church is only 2 minutes walking through a beautiful tree-lined street and then the loft where the bride prepare herself is perfect. The light that comes from the balconies illuminate the large room. The colors of furniture are wood and cream. And then the four-poster bed, a vanity area and relax with views of the garden from where the bride can peep the arrival of the guests. Many small details that make …

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wedding photographer villa deciani

Wedding in Villa Gallici Deciani – Udine – Italy – Barbara and Ramzi – July 12th 2014

Wedding in Villa Gallici Deciani Barbara and Ramzi are a couple that comes directly from London to get married in Italy. Actually Barbara is Italian and Ramzi has Middle East origins. Their meeting has already made a wonderful fruit, the little Sofia who, though a few months, accompanied them on the day of their wedding at Villa Gallici Deciani in Udine. Entering by the wonderful loft that Maddalena, the head of the villa, reserves the bride,  I realize that Barbara was a bit in tension. In fact, she was almost ready, and took care to her mom and friends. She ensured that the hair of the mother were perfect, the veil of her bridesmaid fixed while calling at the phone to ask about Sofia. In short, it …

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Wedding photographer Trieste

Wedding photographer Trieste   Matteo was very professional and provided great direction, but still allowed us to be ourselves. The results were exactly what we were looking for – the emotions between us and our families and the beauty of one of our favorite cities, Trieste. We could not be happier! Thank you Matteo 🙂 Alison & Travis   Some locations where I LOVE to work: Varenna, Lake Como – Capri – Venice – Villa Gallici Deciani – Lake Garda – Villa del Balbianello – Bellagio – Lido di Lenno – Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni – Lake Como – Milan Trussardi alla Scala – Villa D’ Este Cernobbio – Vernazza Cinque Terre Read my love stories in my blog

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wedding photographer villa rigatti

Wedding locations in Italy, Villa Rigatti – Friuli Venezia Giulia

Wedding locations in Italy, Villa Rigatti Villa Rigatti build in 1825 in the heart of Friuli Venezia Giulia is an elegant venue for your wedding. There is a fantastic park to live during the aperitif, a swimming pool and interiors that once lit by candles create the right atmosphere. Here I took just last year the beautiful wedding of Luca and Alice started in the beautiful church of Barcola Trieste. I propose a few shots of the wedding …  Wedding Photographer in Italy

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wedding villa iachia

Wedding Locations in Italy, Villa Iachia, Friuli Venezia Giulia

I discovered Villa Iachia in Friuli Venezia Giulia about 3 years ago, I was there for the wedding of Gusy and Marco. Giusy and Marco are a couple that I remember with great affection, their daughter Emma, ​​who at that time was about a year old, looks incredibly like to dad! Villa Iachia is a beautiful wedding location in Friuli Venezia Giulia, managed directly by the owners who take care of all the details. Ms. Iachia, I had the pleasure to meet in several occasions, puts great passion and seriousness and the result is always aperfect and elegant event . I shot several weddings here and I ‘m looking forward to returning back! Take a look to some pictures of …

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Wedding Villa Gallici Deciani – Udine – Micol and Tommaso – August 31st, 2013

  Wedding Villa Gallici Deciani Matteo is a real seasoned professional. Kind and calm (thing that helps a lot if you are a stressed bride!), he met me and my husband explaining his work before the wedding. Moreover, I was really surprised of how fast he gave us the finished digital album after the wedding. In less then 3 weeks we had our fantastic pics. He made a marvelous work: his pictures catch all the feelings and best moments of our special day with an elegant and sophisticated finish. I would highly recommend Matteo to anyone who want to be sure of the results. Wedding Villa Gallici Deciani Some locations where I LOVE to work: Varenna, Lake Como – Capri – Venice – Villa Gallici Deciani – Lake …

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Wedding in Villa Iachia – Ruda – Valentina and Dean – June 29th, 2013

Here we are again in one of my favorite villas in Friuli, Villa Iachia in Ruda. A very elegant villa with a huge garden that not only allows guests to enjoy the evening but also helps photographers to find great location for pictures ! Valentina and Dean are a couple from Trieste, which held a awesome party. As always we started from the preparation of  Valentina, followed by her mother and her closest friends. Then we moved to where Dean was going on a nice aperitif pre ceremony, the church was very close. After the ceremony, another appetizer, post ceremony in front of the church … with all the guests and other friends … and then again in Villa Iachia …

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Wedding in Friuli – Loredana and Emiliano – June 2010

We hired Matteo for our wedding in June 2010. We contacted him because we liked the work shown on his website. Our choice has been the right choice. Our wedding photo album is one of the most beautiful memories of that day. We highly recommend Matteo for such an important event! Some locations where I LOVE to work: Varenna, Lake Como – Capri – Venice – Villa Gallici Deciani – Lake Garda – Villa del Balbianello – Bellagio – Lido di Lenno – Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni – Lake Como – Milan Trussardi alla Scala – Villa D’ Este Cernobbio – Vernazza Cinque Terre Read my love stories in my blog

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