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Best Wedding Venues for astounding wedding photos in Italy

Guest post: Best Wedding Venues for astounding wedding photos in Italy Let me introduce the guest post author of today, Katie Jones  from She loves to write, travel, practice yoga and read at any available moment! Currently writing for Orla James she adores living by the sea in Brighton UK with all of its creative opportunities that it brings.   Getting married is always a magical and romantic event. With love in the air, you and your partner want everything to be absolutely perfect. Apart from the fanfare that follows the ceremony, family, friends, and love, what is also important is your venue or location. If you’re looking for a beautiful venue that has beaches, mountains, clear waters, Villas, Castles, …

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matrimonio castello di montecavallo biellamatrimonio castello di montecavallo biella

Castle of Montecavallo Wedding – Biella Giulia and Giacomo, July 7th 2017

Castle of Montecavallo Wedding – Biella Giulia and Giacomo, July 7th 2017 I write quietly from a café in Piazza San Fedele, Milan, behind the gallery. Huge windows show me what’s going on out there. Two traffic wardens get bored, a teenager leaning on the wall was listens to music with his new, cumbersome but brand new, Beats. A very young couple in the background, silent. The sun of this incredible Italian October warms the “walking distracted” tourists. No music in the coffee shop. I also put my headphones and  Colin Hay’s Beautiful World starts playing. My eyes go out again, now I see a couple around 65 years old, sitting on a bench right in front of me, she embraces him from behind and kisses his cheek. Then he turns …

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matrimonio in valle d'aosta Bellevue Hotel Cogne

Marriage in Valle d’Aosta- Bellevue Hotel – Cogne

MARRIAGE IN VALLE D’AOSTA – BELLEVUE HOTEL – COGNE Extreme sports, mountain climbing, running and more. Two wonderful Norwegians, born and raised in that great country that I have visited a few years ago. These are the first information I have from Alexandra and Asle, a beautiful couple and with a contagious smile that shared with me an afternoon full of color, huge spaces, endless green, cool breeze, everything in front of His Majesty the Gran Paradiso Park. As often happens Alexandra asked me advice on what to visit in the surrounding area of ​​Milan, Lake Como, etc. I suggested Varenna and other places around the lake. A few days later I was in Villa Cipressi for the wedding of Patrick and Dominique, during the pre ceremony aperitif in …

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matrimonio in sardegna

Barbara and Alessio, a real adventure in Sardinia

Barbara and Alessio, a real adventure in Sardinia 90’s, early in the morning. Awake since 6:00 am I get off the bus that brought me to Gorizia for school. From the station I start walking for about 10 minutes to my school. Often with me there is Barbara, a gentle friend, smiling, always smiling. We did this little walk together, not every day, but it happened often. Walking to school, I remember she kept his head tilted slightly forward as if to look at the shoes, the thumb of the left hand between the shoulder and the heavy backpack strap. Perhaps a sign of shyness. Always with a smile. Barbara always listened politely my nonsense words, who knows what I was saying. Then the school went …

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Wedding photographer Switzerland

Wedding photographer Switzerland – Loredana and Michele, August 2nd, 2014

Wedding photographer Switzerland It happens more and more often to work as a wedding photographer in Switzerland on Lake Lugano, it’s a fantastic place ! And it is precisely here where I first met Michele and Loredana, a young couple who celebrated their most important day in a location like the grand hotel Eden in Lugano. The view on the lake is beautiful through a huge glass window,  you see the floating raft for appetizers and parties. The hall was completely cream-colored, the mis en plat fine and elegant, all the details were created by Stephanie of Loveday (she did a fantastic job). The music was amazing, there were six young jazz musicians of the Italian Conservatory of Switzerland who have created a group called Yellow Shoes …

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Wedding at Swiss Diamond Hotel – Vacallo – Switzerland – Barbara and Sandro June 8th 2013

Here we are at a wedding beyond the Italian borders, not far away to tell the truth, in Switzerland. Barbara and Sandro are a beautiful young couple who organized a great bubbling day! The surprises were so many … stating from the  Ferrari F308 that Barbara arrived with at the Church of Santa Croce in Vacallo, where they created a heart of flowers on the entrance door, up to arrival of the hotel with a super fast motorboat. Small note, Barbara and Sandro moved from the church to the motorboat by the Ferrari and we chased them with my car (a Honda hybrid) on the highway … my car is equipped with a small and silent engine  …. I assure …

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