Lake Como Family Portraits

Babymoon shooting in Lake Como - Varenna

Babymoon shooting in Lake Como – Varenna

Babymoon shooting in Lake Como – Varenna I start with one of my favorite  photography services this year 2020. A couple shooting, but there are three of them. Justin wrote to me that Marilyn, his wife, is expecting a beautiful baby girl. Talking with him, I tell him that I also have a little girl named Camilla and coincidentally theirs will also her baby Camila, but with one L. The case sometimes amazes. He also sent me a link on the origin of the name, which I wasn’t aware of ;-). It’s an afternoon in late January, we meet in Varenna close to Villa Monastero. The warm sun and the romantic light accompany us through the narrow streets of this …

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fotografo famiglia riunione bambini ritratti

Photographs of a family reunion, from China to Holland

Photographs of a family reunion, from China to Holland Or perhaps better to say from Holland to China passing by Italy. Yes, because this is a nice Dutch family that lives a bit all over the world, some of them in China. But what they decided to do this summer? They rented a beautiful villa on Lake Como in Italy and have spent all together a memorable vacation. They asked me to capture an informal afternoon, relaxed and with the children playing in the pool with soap bubbles … very funny. So here’s some pictures of this family reunion: Follow me on my youtube channel, here the slideshow of the family reunion. Please visit my Lake Como Weddings Page for more informations. 

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family portrait photographer lake como

Family Portrait Lake Como, Varenna

Family Portrait in Lake Como, Varenna They got married in Los Angeles 18 years ago and they chose Italy for their honeymoon, they  loved so much this country to decide to return every year, even if only for a few days. Then the pressures of life, work, children, and all that we want to put … the time flew. But Eileen was not given for won and returned to Varenna, on Como Lake , with his beautiful family composed by her husband and two grown-up children! I took them to explore all corners of the most characteristic of Varenna. It was a walk through the old part, the red iron bridge and strenuous stairways. Here they are, in my pictures…a …

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renewal wedding vows bellagio

Family reunion and renew wedding vows in Bellagio, Lake Como

Family reunion and renew wedding vows in Bellagio, Lake Como The secret, here it is. This is the story of an american family, spread a bit ‘here and there’ in the United States, each with its own life full of commitments, work, affections, pursuing their dream or close to realize it. Valerie and Edwuard from Los Angeles, California were married exactly 25 years ago, they had Alexis and Anthony and as often happens they took their way. And although it takes you away, it ‘s important that is in the right direction. What’s me in all this? Valerie wrote me to tell in pictures an important moment of their lives, in fact they gathered in Bellagio (meeting in Milan) and …

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maternity photography

Maternity Photographer… Silvia, Cristian and …

Maternity Photographer Cristian and Silvia have been together for quite a long time, I know them well. They were married two years ago in one of the hottest days of my career as a wedding photographer … and in a few days they will become parents of a beautiful baby ! The name is shrouded in mystery, but his presence is well ahead in Silvia’s belly 😉 We chose Palmanova, a museum city in north east of Italy, as location for the maternity portrait. Palmanova were built in the XVI century by Venetians. … the “walls” of Palmanova are small hills that surround it, created to protect it. Here are some shots in this picturesque location of Cristian, Silvia and ….. …

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Family portrait in Italy – Laura, Leandro e Thiago

Family portrait in Italy Matteo is an amazing photographer. I contacted him only a few weeks before the event and he accommodate me without any complaint. As at that time we were in two different countries he set up a Skype call to get to know each others and for him to understand our personalities and what we wanted to get out of our photos. I appreciate ceremony photos that are not posed, as if they were rather excerpts of photojournalism. I needed a photographer that was always present but acted behind the scenes. Matteo did this and more. He had in fact the sensitivity to take a few traditional shots, those that go on grandma nightstand. We also have …

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Family portrait in Milan Italy – Andrea, Roberta e Mariasole

Family portrait in Milan Italy We were lucky enough to choose Matteo and his assistant Elena for our family portrait photo shoot that you can see here. At the beginning we were clumsy, it is certainly not common pose for a private shoot, but Matteo and Elena were fantastic. They have been able to create an intimate and relaxed situation simply talking and laughing and playing with us. So, at the sunshine of a really warm autumn day, we spent one hour having great time with our daughter playing with soap bubbles and with a blanket on the grass in a park. When we were handed the photographs we were in disbelief. We were very much excited. We could not imagine …

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