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engagement photographer lake como

Engagement photographer Lake Como Villa del Balbianello

Photographer on Lake Como – Villa del Balbianello Chloe and Rashad will get married in September 2022 at Villa Erba and I can’t wait to be there.Last year in July they flew in Italy by the United States for a “shooting photography session in Lake Como”. We met at Villa del Balbianello, Chloe had a crazy dress that attracted the attention of all tourists.They looked like two actors just exited by a Hollywood evening and landed directly on Lake Como. Change of dress, Chloe and Rashad have still amazed. You will see below.With them there were also the mother and aunt of Chloe who were not only funny and nice but they gave a real contribution to the shooting.Taking the …

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gay wedding lake como

A wedding and the final of the European Championships on Lake Como – Cadenabbia – Michael & Sky

From Cadenabbia you can see Bellagio, if the sky is clear maybe Varenna too. You are a stone’s throw from Villa Carlotta and the Grand Hotel Tremezzo. It is the heart of Lake Como where the Grand Hotel Cadenabbia stands with its imposing staircase, pieces of art and breathtaking terrace. It is the oldest hotel on Lake Como, it was opened as a Cadenabbia Inn in 1802 and from that day it hosted first English travelers, then emperors, kings, heads of state and even Queen Victoria. Today the guests are Michael and Sky, a Californian couple. Reserved, elegant. With a large family that accompanies them on this adventure that was their wedding on Lake Como. The event is intimate, the …

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lake como wedding villa cipressi

Lake Como Wedding Photographer – Villa Cipressi – Varenna

If there is a place where I feel at home in Lake Como, it’s Varenna. Here I shot my first wedding as a professional wedding photographer and here I return every year for new weddings, elopements or engagement photoshootings. Villa Cipressi, the Vezio Castle, the red bridge and the colorful fishermen’s houses make Varenna a unique place in the world. This is where I take customers who ask me for the most suggestive location in Lake Como. And it’s precisely at Villa Cipressi that I met Mirsada and Sebastian with their little smiling boy James. A family who came from Germany to discover incredible places. The wedding was intimate and the dinner turned to sunset. Mirsada and Sebastian danced in …

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wedding lake garda torre san marco

Wedding photographer in Lake Garda – Alba e Const – Torre San Marco

Alba and Constantine – A 3 das party! A young German couple, smart, elegant, with very clear ideas and well organized. I met Alba and Const in Villa Feltrinelli on Lake Garda. Her family has always been in Italy and Lake Garda for vacations and Alba’s mother is so passionate about the area that she wrote a book: 111 places on Lake Garda and Verona that you must really discover by Petra Sophia Zimmermann The party started on Friday evening with an elegant welcome dinner for about a hundred guests. The aperitif ended early because the day after there would be the wedding at the Torre San Marco in Gardone Riviera. Alba got ready in the elegant Villa Feltrinelli, her …

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wedding in castello di petrata

Wedding photographer in Castello di Petrata – Assisi, Italy

Looking out the window of my hotel I see Assisi protruding from the hills, surrounded by waves of trees blown by the wind, and down there the yellowing wheat fields. A little further on there is the Petrata Castle, alone, it looks at 360 degrees, the sky is gray, for now, but it’s getting better.There will be Sara and Ettore’s wedding, and I’m here to photograph it. The Castle is surrounded by a fantastic park, you can see the basilica of San Francesco in the distance. The aperitif before dinner is widespread. A group of friends are joking. The parents and the grandmother sit down and chat. Music fills the laughter. The candlelit dinner does not suggest the great party …

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anniversario a bellagio lake como

Anniversary in Bellagio – Lake Como – Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni

20 years ago Lake Como began to become popular for couples from all over the world as a place for their destination wedding. The big hotels such as the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni in Bellagio, the Grand Hotel Tremezzo have ushered in a new era for the most elegant lake in the world. And just 20 years ago, two pioneers of destination weddings in Italy flew to Bellagio for a ceremony overlooking the lake. Here are some shots taken directly from the album that Lisa sent me just recently. I wasn’t the photographer, at the time maybe I was learning the trade. Time goes by, life goes fast. In love like the first day they wrote to me because they …

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matrimonio a milano

Wedding photographer in Milan, Italy

We met in the Cadorna area of ​​Milan. It is noon, the city is full of people, cars and bicycles whizzing on the tram tracks. I met Chiara and Federico for the first time and we went to eat something together in a nearby restaurant. I told them a little about how I work. They are curious, open and enthusiastic about the photos I show them. I immediately had the feeling that it would be great to work with them. After listening to me they asked me to photograph their wedding.Giving me freedom and confidence. I waited all summer to photograph them, in my favorite period of the year, the end of September. The light is beautiful in late summer, …

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elopement vows renewal hilton lake como

Vows renewal photographer at the Hilton Lake Como

Vows renewal at the Hilton Lake Como, a complete experience This is the story of a total experience that Alice and Stefano lived at Hilton Lake Como. We are talking about Lake Como, Italy, a fantastic suite all for them, a Jacuzzi pool, an intimate ceremony, incredible flowers and a candlelit dinner for their renewal of vows. The photographic story begins when they wake up with a sweet breakfast in bed. We started from here, I and Vittore for the photos and Valerio and Elisa for the video. Photographing a whole day, alternating, helping each other, without being intrusive, this was the real challenge. The blue sky, the passing waterplanes, and the sound of the water. We entered on tiptoe, …

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Perfect wedding in lake como

Wedding photographer in Varenna, Lake Como

LAKE COMO, VILLA CIPRESSI The details Organizing a wedding in the smallest detail and succeeding to perfection is nothing short.Details aren’t just the dress, the setting, the right location but also and above all the timing.The management schedules is very important in an event. Especially when looking for a beautiful result and a great experience for the guests . Timetable Timetable management is crucial when there are dozens of people, a challenging preparation of the bride, an outdoor ceremony, a photo session, a boat trip and a dinner to coincide with the blue hour.The blue hour is immediately after sunset, when the sky is blue and not black, the candles on the table create the right atmosphere and you can …

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Matrimonio isola del garda

Isola del Garda Wedding photographer – Rebecca and Richard

Mid September, it’s very hot on Lake Garda today.Walking through the streets of Saló, I avoid the sunny lake walk and I arrive at the apartment where Rebecca is getting ready.There are girlfriends, mum, two twin smiling girls running around. I meet Samantha Pretto, the Makup artist. We often work together between Lake Como and Garda. She is simply phenomenal and always puts at ease the most agitated brides. I could tell a story about every phase of this wedding, the boat, the splendid Isola del Garda, the speeches, the candlelit dinner and the laughters during the exchange of the rings, but I will tell a unique moment that I photographed.Often during a wedding photo shoot I photograph, observe and …

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Engagement in Villa del Balbianello

Engagement in Villa del Balbianello – Hugh and Lina

Late October, the leaves vibrate a thousand colors, the wind makes the boats dance slightly on the water. The view from the top of the villa is almost 360° on Lake Como, the mountains are close and you hear the bell towers that looks so small from here. It’s a popular place, but in some moments very quiet. I always arrive early in Villa del Balbianello, looking for new corners and photographing the landscape that changes with the changing light and seasons. I am not landscape photographer guy, but the only picture of this kind that I printed and hung at home I took it from here. I am here to photograph Hugh and Lina’s engagement. Lina doesn’t know anything. …

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Intimate wedding photographer in Tuscany

The wedding location in Tuscany Palazzo Vanneschi is locate in a ancient small village. Walking along the edge of the pool you can see the Tuscan hills, behind there is a forest that refreshes parties and aperitifs during summer sunsets. The team Here I find friends that I haven’t seen for a year, they welcome me with affection, we can’t hugh each other but it’s as if we did it. Working alongside other professionals during weddings creates harmony, friendship and it is nice to see each other again and relive together an intense day like a wedding day. Claudia the owner of Palazzo Vanneschi , Mery Ceccarelli and her team with their beautiful flowers and the catering guys: I vecchi …

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wedding photography

Lake Garda shooting: what do Peter Peter Lindbergh, Christopher Nolan, Brassaï and Avedon do together?

Every time I am engaged for an editorial photo shoot, a shooting where there is no rush, there is a great team and a unique location like Sirmione in Lake Garda, I start studying, pulling books out of my library. It starts from the absolute master Peter Lindbergh, A different vision on fashion photographyIt’s a huge book, featuring incredible photos of 80’s and 90’s. Franco Carlisi, Il valzer di un giornoIt was a gift from my wife, a great Sicilian photographer, with a very particular eye. Avedon: Murals & PortraitsA book as surprising as its author Brassaï, ParisThe night, the rain in the streets of Paris. A discreet, elegant photographer. Luigi Ghirri, Still LifeHere I clean my mind of all the …

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Matrimonio lgbt gay

LGBT Wedding photographer

LGBT Love – Wedding in Trentino This is not a post on LGBT, Gay or samesex marriage, this post is about love. Here the story: Backpack and cameras are ready and ,  after a long trip, Vittore and I arrived in a magical place called Trentino. The mountains are reflected on the lakes, the leaves are rapidly changing color, the sun is hot but in the shade you immediately realize that we are in October and over 1000m of altitude. Comfortable shoes, cameras in hand, let’s take a look around. We found the perfect places for our shooting. So here are the ingredients of our recipe: – The mountains of Trentino, always there, always changing – Two girls, beautiful, romantic …

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venice bride wedding

Wedding photographer Venice !

Bride day in Venice ! Every time I think at the most beautiful places for a wedding, Venice is at top 10 list. Then something magic happened. What happened? Me, Claudia (Fiori di Testa magician and Wedding (fabulous) Planner) and Federica (makeup ARTIST!) decided to locate a shooting in this incredible place. VENICE! And so we did it. We studied the palette, the patterns of Venice and the bride’s dress with Atelier Bolzano. And Micaela (the model) was just the perfect match. Me and Vittore Buzzi at the cameras. Shake with some ice… and this is the result.   Some Weddings:   Lake Garda, calm but impressive. Villa Fiordaliso wedding wedding of Sabine and Bart A tea in Venice, intimate wedding – …

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anniversario lago di como

Anniversary shooting in Lake Como

Anniversary shooting in Lake Como  June 1st, Lake Como, Varenna. The day is hot, I arrive early in the gardens of Villa Monastero so I can have a little walk before starting the shooting. I get almost to the end of the park, there is a some wind and the water splashes under a small terrace overlooking the lake. This garden and the center of Varenna are among my favorite places on the lake. On the other hand, I shoot my first wedding as professional photographer right here, “a few” years ago 😉 . Polina and Dennis today celebrate 10 years of marriage.  They got married in Italy, Tuscany. They are both comfortable in front of the camera, the sun …

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gay wedding milan italy

Wedding in Milan – A dinner with friends

A dinner with friends Sunlight enters the huge glass wall of a small café in Corso Garibaldi, Milan. Computer screens create trapezoidal shadows on small tables. I hear the coffee machine puffing over the music on my headphones. To write my posts I take refuge in crowded coworking cafes in Milan. They are a something between bookstores, cafes, social clubs. You can find rooms where vinyl plays, walls signed by passing influencers, sometimes small live concerts. A bike hanging over me, a 50’s Coca Cola fridge full of books, I almost smell the freshly printed paper. And it is here that I remember receiving Davide’s first email for his marriage with Alessandro. After a few messages we agree to get …

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Babymoon shooting in Lake Como - Varenna

Babymoon photographer in Lake Como – Varenna

Babymoon shooting in Varenna I start with one of my favorite  photography services this year 2020. A couple shooting, but there are three of them. Justin wrote to me that Marilyn, his wife, is expecting a beautiful baby girl. Talking with him, I tell him that I also have a little girl named Camilla and coincidentally theirs will also her baby Camila, but with one L. The case sometimes amazes. He also sent me a link on the origin of the name, which I wasn’t aware of ;-). It’s an afternoon in late January, we meet in Varenna close to Villa Monastero. The warm sun and the romantic light accompany us through the narrow streets of this jewel of Lake …

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wedding lake como villa del balbianello

Villa del Balbianello Wedding photographer – Lake Como

Villa del Balbianello Wedding day The boats arrive with the guests to Villa di Balbianello’s dock. Black tuxedos and bow ties, very high heels, colorful and bright clothes, English hats. They come a little at a time, chatting and laughing. Getting married with the children watching you from the front row it a strong feeling. They are there with the expression of those who see the film of their life. It means believing in that, taking a day for themselves, after a life dedicated to the family. Doing it in Lake Como, in such a unique and elegant villa is a dream. Flowers, imperial tables, fun and music. Surrounded by windows overlooking the lake, that look like paintings by Sergio …

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wedding lake como villa lario resort

Wedding Villa Lario Resort – Mandello Lake Como

Wedding Villa Lario Resort – Mandello Lake Como Warm light reflects on the water of the lake and enters through the window that overlooks the small @Villa Lario Resort‘S dock. A little girl tries on her princess dress and her little cousin runs naked into the room laughing. He runs looking back, pursued by his aunt, and literally invests the bed, which blocks him, softly. Taylor is ready, waiting for her dad coming in seconds. It’s a strong moment. I have rarely seen fathers resist to tears and daughters to hugs. Outside there is Jack who is waiting with their baby in his arms. Jack is certainly trained for moments of tension, he is a professional footballer  of Derby County Team (47 goals in …

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